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  1. Me too - I hope tobacco and then alcohol get the axe as well, in that order.
  2. Thai government urged to regulate booming influencer industry Thai government urged to regulate censor and shut down free-speech within the booming influencer industry. There! Fixed it!
  3. The hospital later apologised, with Dr Adinun Kittiratanapaibool explaining that staff acted with good intentions to protect patient welfare hospital's and airline's reputations. There! Fixed it!
  4. Corporations hate liability and will go to extreme measures to avoid paying out anything to the victims.
  5. I feel very bad for these people. However, how many people unbuckle their seat-belt just because the "Seatbelt" sign is not lit? I've flown commercial and as a private pilot - when I'm sitting in a plane, my seat-belt is fastened unless I have to get up and use the restroom. My guess is that most of the injured were seat-belt free. Just like wearing a seat-belt in a car: 99.999999999% of the time you don't need it - you need it when the 0.000000001% of the time event occurs. 🙏 Prayers for the injured and dead.
  6. I need to get a picture for a US Passport renewal. The US State Department are nitpickers about the correct photo size and composition and will reject applications with incorrect photos. I'm looking for a photo shop -- that has adequate parking -- where I can get a US passport photo that will pass the State Department's requirements. Considering it takes 6 to 8 weeks now to mail-in and renew a US passport, I don't want the application rejected due to a bad passport picture. Key takeaways: 1. Photo shop that can take US passport pictures that meet the State Department's requirements 2. Gotta be able to find car parking near the store (I'm getting to old to walk)
  7. Easy. Tell the world that Thailand doesn't want tourist or their money. Stop issuing visas - Bob's your uncle! "Ai farang. We don't need no stinky tourists." Signed, Uncle Anutin
  8. "Democracy" goes to the highest bidder. Pretty much globally. So I see Thaksin "I'm On My Deathbed" Shinawatra has suddenly made a miraculous recovery and is now in the forefront to reestablishing himself into the Thai political power structure. Hallelujah - Praise Buddha - A Miracle!!!
  9. It's called "Modern Journalism." It's now the new norm.
  10. Good. It's called diplomacy. It keeps the "Crazies In The Basement" from starting World Wars with nuclear outcomes.
  11. There is nothing safe about tuk tuks, but anyone with a functioning set of eyes and half a brain should be able to determine that before stepping foot inside.
  12. From Statista Consumer Insights https://www.statista.com/chart/30142/respondents-who-identify-as-lgbt--in-selected-countries/
  13. Shhhh. No one is suppose to know! "Fascism recognises the real needs which gave rise to socialism and trade-unionism, giving them due weight in the guild or corporative system in which diverent interests are coordinated and harmonised in the unity of the State... The Fascist State lays claim to rule in the economic field no less than in others; it makes its action felt throughout the length and breadth of the country by means of its corporate, social, and educational institutions, and all the political, economic, and spiritual forces of the nation, organised in their respective associations, circulate within the State." ― Benito Mussolini I believe Mussolini and Giovanni Gentile envisioned the State itself as being the primary controller of all aspects of society, but in the last 20 years corporations have become founts of ungodly sums of revenues and profits and now can essentially buy governmental and political power, hence organizations like the WEF. And a Fascist State works well for their interests as well. Working hand-in-hand with the government, corporations can leverage the government to pave the way for laws which will increase corporate revenues and therefore power for corporations, and in turn they shower government entities and politicians with wealth which entrenches the politicians into their governments for lifetimes and allow those individual politicians to also accrue massive power. So Public-Private Partnerships are a marriage made in Hell which benefits both the corporate and governmental stakeholders at the expense of the average man and woman on the streets who are looked upon by both governments and corporations as little more then livestock to be used, exploited, and then culled. And the livestock commoners must be surveilled, watched, and controlled. A cashless society where governments and corporations monitor every satang spent by every individual pretty much borders on the ideals of the "Utopian F-word" that Mussolini and Gentile envisioned for the rest of us - commoners who must be controlled by the iron-hand of the State for the benefit of corporations and the State. But nobody studies history, philosophy, economics, or sociology anymore, so most people don't have a clue. Most people are just pulled by their nose-ring down the kill-chute as they are told that sacrificing for the State is their patriotic duty. Austerity is good for the planet! And as far as the average person goes nowadays, if it's not some super-star flashing their bacon and their bling on TikTok, most people don't care. "The perfect dictatorship would have the appearance of a democracy, but would basically be a prison without walls in which the prisoners would not even dream of escaping. It would essentially be a system of slavery where, through consumption and entertainment, the slaves would love their servitudes." ― Aldous Huxley
  14. No. The government wants to keep track of how much you spend and on what so they can get tax you to death and throw you in jail if you buy the wrong stuff or don't give them enough of your money. Corporations what to know how much you spend and on what so they can target you as a human commodity, sell your data, and market you to death. Now if you use cash? All of that wonderful data is lost to them. So the corporations work with the government (Public-Private Partnerships) and will eventually have the government make cash illegal so that they CAN collect all of that information. However? Then a very rich and robust black market will develop to fill in the vacuum. Watch! In the meantime - use cash whenever you can as it make going cashless more of a PITA for both corporate and government entities.
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