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  1. Am I afraid to die? That's sort of a "yes" and "no" question. From a purely physical sense, the body and mind are wired for survival. That's just the nature of it. When the body and mind face an extinction level threat - it goes into high-gear. Think of situations where you almost died. How did your body and mind react? Then comes the rational and metaphysical sense for those who have cultured it. Especially as a Buddhist practitioner who has done a whole lot of mediation in my life-time. Now note - I didn't say a "follower of Buddhist religion." I said I'm a prac
  2. When it actually works - or - when the Immigration RTP get a few terminals to be able to tap into that data. This country must have a few hundred government databases none of which share data.
  3. Lazada can find me. Shopee can find me. The Thai post office can find me. Easy-peezy! So riddle me this. Why are immigration's databases so outdated that you can't - right now - find any foreigner declared address in one click? Also - why is your online 90 day reporting 50 years outdated and non-functional so often. Is it running on WIndows 3.1 on Paradox? Lazada can do it Shopee can do it The Thai post office can do it. Why is it such a major problem for the immigration branch of the RTP? Speaking as an ex-computer-science type of guy here in the 21th century, I find
  4. Yet what he'll accomplish is that he'll alienate the 99.9% of expats living here in peace while making foreigners entering Thailand for the purpose non-criminal activity think twice about coming at all because Thailand now has an even more fearfully xenophobic and racist environment aimed directly at non-Thais than ever before. Boy Howdy I can't wait to see the new and improved harassment measures fit for criminal parolees. Mandatory GPS trackers anyone? New hand-drawn maps to my residence of 14 years to add to the stacks of hand-drawn maps they already have (ain't it time to embrace tec
  5. Most Thai gals don't need a bra in the first place. There's nothing there to support! Personally I'm a fan of gals who are members of the IBTC (ity-bity t**** committee).
  6. Personally - I like the tease. "We're gonna get a 'free shot' by golly. Dohhhhh, short, shorts!!!"
  7. Good question. I watch this boiling front of red and yellow radar images for two hours on the Thai weather radars as it crossed northern Thailand. It just broke up as it hit Chiang Mai and Lamphun. Looked like a lion for the two hours I monitored it. When it hit? "Meow." Turned into a pussy cat. Look - throwing the evil people having sex under the rubber tree into jail appeased the gods. I wonder what the lucky lotto numbers are?
  8. It looks like the front broke up coming over the mountains NE of CM. It hasn't quite got to Lamphun, hopefully it breaks on the mountains NE of our location too. It's here..................
  9. Oh man! I hope nobody has been having sex under the CM-Lamphun highway rubber trees. I wonder how many will be left standing after this hits?
  10. Did You Listen To What Momma Told You? "Would you go follow your friends if they all jumped off a cliff?" No mum. I wound not. How apropos!
  11. Batten down the hatches. We've got a major front headed in from the North East. Best of luck. https://weather.tmd.go.th/lmpLoop.php
  12. Kratom saplings are suddenly a big hit. I've got a nice red leaf variety with four more being shipped. We've got a nice place for them on some otherwise unused land. Was gonna put in bananas, but kratom would do. Too bad Anutin lied about those 6 marijuana plants all Thai commoner were told they'd be able to grow like household herbs. My wife would be growing those too. But - the big guys don't like the commoner's to compete with their market share of the cannabis market. Tie it up with so much regulatory mumbo-jumbo that average people can't participate.
  13. “My Home is My Castle” - but killing intruders can lead to jail True in the US, at least in the areas of the country I lived in. Here in Thailand - Your Home Is Your Death-Trap Well - at least if you are a victim of an armed home invasion. If an armed Thai breaches the perimeter of your property and forces their way into your home - and you are a farang? Either: 1. The armed assailant kills you; or 2. The state jails or kills you should you fight back and best your attacker. And the RTP will assure the public that "Justice Will Be Found." And in even more absurd cases
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