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  1. Pity the government doesn't take this attitude of "talking about it" a little more seriously on a few other subjects too.
  2. By the end of next year after this idea has gone properly south, then like so much else, it will be quietly swept under the carpet and forgotten with a stealth u-turn when no-one is looking. Unless, of course, they are not telling everyone the truth and the regime just wants Chinese sheep as tourists and Indian weddings... which could be true, as a wider agenda these days seems to be about getting rid of as many westerners as possible, and has been so over the last 5 years.
  3. So, not really much point coming then. You can't expect tourists to come if there is no fun, alcohol in restaurants, pubs/bars, clubs, really free movement etc. etc. plus nanny-squad curfews. Just won't happen... dream on.
  4. One of the problems there will be here is that they are expecting all staff and students to be responsible. That means, if you have a cough/flu... don't come into work/class instead of thinking "Oh, never mind, I'll just go because it's me and the rules only apply to others in case I draw attention to myself" sort of nonsense. A person can be responsible, but people are dumb, sheep-like and panic prone. Many will just dodge their responsibility because they don't want to be tested or end up quarantined/penalized etc. It's like with so much else here, they think they can cruise under the r
  5. November the 1st... good luck, and even more good luck for December the 1st ambitiousness. It'll probably start going south after the long weekend on the 22nd.
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