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  1. Yeah, that's about as low as you can get. If true, then a proper punishment is warranted. Bad enough that the disabled are helped so little somewhere like this, but to have people actively scamming what little is available, is contemptible. Toss the key away.
  2. This guy sounds like exactly the type of xenophobic relic from the early 20th century that should not have any input into the future of Thailand... exactly the type of intolerant elitist nonsense that is unhelpful and welcome. He probably thinks protesting about inequality in society is treasonous too. As an aside, likely he owns a property outright in London, Paris, New York or such place.
  3. Yeah, that's fantasy land thinking. Good luck with that. There's no way that'll happen for the basic wage, especially with that cunningly slipped in bit about wages relevant to education levels, so that probably means national minimums at best for those who have finished M6... lower for those that haven't probably. Shouldn't be any difference for labouring jobs.
  4. Remote online learning only really works for the intrinsically motivated... a quality often lacking in the modern day student.
  5. Well, no conflict of interests there then with that statement. It's like a advert saying "Drink Milk" delivered to you by the Milk Marketing Board. The bare-faced cheek of it... and expecting all the lemmings just go after it. Also, "foreigner" means Chinese for him and since the only thing you can own here is a condo, then it's a loosely veiled message to Chinese condo buyers.
  6. I guess it's mainly aimed at Chinese who will be happy to move money out of China for property. Trouble is, no guarantees that things or laws don't do a 180 one morning at short notice and the goal posts shift... probably not in your favour. It would give me the sh!ts having that sort of money "invested" here as a non Thai. No way Jose. Since when has anything not changed for 10 years here? Good luck with that visa.
  7. When they start making statements like this for no reason, then something is probably wrong... just an attempt to shore up sentiment, but won't fly. I mean, why just come out with that unsolicited comment? I agree with others above, the baht movements recently could easily be interpreted as it was losing value/under attack and they tried buying baht/shoring it up, but doesn't seem to be working much, hence the pause, then minor strengthening of the baht, and now weakening again a bit. Could be in for a roller-coaster as the BoT will try to intervene as they will have orders to not let it slide
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