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  1. A few members have in the past commented that there are no real consequences if you get caught for having a grid tied solar system which has not been approved and your system spins the old style meter backwards. If I recall correctly those members advised that at worst the PEA will just change the spinning meter for a new electronic one so that you can’t spin the meter backwards in future and that they never take any action against that solar system owner. FYI Not far from my home, there is a multi-lane flyover which crosses a major arterial road out of Bangkok. A couple of years ago, whilst driving over the flyover, I noticed that a town house (on my left) had installed a substantial array of solar panels on the roof. The array is very obvious as you drive over the flyover as you are almost level with the top of the building. See screen shot below from Google Earth. Recently, whilst my better half was driving, I noticed as we passed the solar panels there was something odd about the backside of the panels. See screen shot below from Google Earth. Can you spot that something is wrong? Look closely at the junction boxes on the rear of the panels. There are no cables coming from them. Being somewhat curious as to why the solar panels didn’t have any connecting cables, I decided to stop at the townhouse over the weekend and asked the owner if he wouldn’t mind enlightening me about his solar system. He was very obliging. He explained that he had the solar system installed by a local company 3 or 4 years ago to help reduce his electricity bill. He said that he was never made aware that he needed to have the system approved, or the risks of having his meter spinning backwards. Early last year, the local PEA knocked on the door and advised him that they had observed that his meter was spinning backwards. They advised that his account showed a considerable reduction in his electrical usage during previous years. They also said that they had seen his solar panels on his roof and asked to see his system. The house owner told me that the PEA officers informed him that if he did not allow them access to inspect the solar system, they would get a Court order and return with the police. He decided to allow them to inspect his system. The upshot was his grid tied system was illegal (meter spinning backwards and no approval). The PEA officers gave him a choice, either have the system disconnect or face Court proceedings for theft which could result in a very substantial fine, plus compensation for their loss of income. The homeowner said the PEA officers advised that if he allowed them to disconnect the system there and then, they would not take any further action against him because he had co-operated. He said he obviously opted to have the system disconnected. The PEA engineer then cut off all the leads from the back of the solar panels which has rendered the panels useless. They also cut off all the cables to/from the inverter. He also said that a few days later the PEA installed a new electronic meter without any warning. According to the homeowner, the installations set him back a couple of hundred thousand Baht. He said that he realised that if he had not co-operated with the PEA, it was clear that not only would he have ended up having the system disconnected by a Court Order, but he would also face having to pay a heavy fine plus compensation to the PEA for their loss of income. In my opinion, I suspect his unfortunate downfall was most likely due to the obvious visibility of his solar array which cannot be missed when driving over the flyover. No doubt a local PEA officer spotted it and started making enquiries. OUCH!
  2. OP… from the picture that you posted earlier of the Immigration exit stamp in your friend’s passport, it is clear that he/she was removed (deported) from the Kingdom under Section 12.7 of the Immigration Act, as indicated on the 3rd line of the stamp e.g. 12 (7). As I indicated in my previous post, Section 12 of the Immigration Act gives Immigration the power to refuse entry and revoke permission to stay of if the alien falls into any of the categories specified. Section 12.7 basically states: - “Having behaviour which would indicate possible danger to the public or likelihood of being a nuisance or constituting any violence to the peace or safety of the public or to the security of the public or to the security of the nation or being under warrant of arrest by competent officials of foreign governments”. Your friend apparently fell within the above category having assaulted his girlfriend and subsequently served a custodial sentence for that offence. Regarding being banned from entering the Kingdom, given the reason for his/her deportation, I would say that a ban from entering the Kingdom is almost 100% certain. The big question being how long is the ban for? Immigration has what is known as a ‘tariff’, that is to say a maximum length of ban for a given type of crime. My understanding is that in the case of an assault conviction the duration of a ban could be as long as ‘life’. However, the actual length of the ban is left to the discretion of a Senior Immigration Officer (Senior Colonel or above) who authorised his/her deportation. The problem so far as your friend is concerned is that there is no mention of the length of any ban stamped into his/her passport (there never is). The details of the ban will only be recorded on his paper file(s) and on the Immigration computer system. If your friend is banned, and he/she tries to enter the Kingdom by air, it is unlikely that the airline will allow him/her to board the plane. This is because all international flight to Thailand are required to send passenger biographical details to Thai Authorities via a system known as Advance Passenger Information System (APIS), one hour before scheduled departure. The system (APIS) is linked to the Thai Immigration database of undesirable persons. If the system detects that your friend’s biographical information matches that on their database, the system automatically sends the airline a “Do Not Board” code. No reason is given to the airline. The airline would be heavily fined if they allowed your friend to fly having received a "Do Not Board" code, plus they would have to pick up the cost of flying him/her back to the departure country. A refusal to allow the person to board the aircraft will mean that the passenger will not be refunded for the loss of the flight (outward and return). If your friend is banned and was to travel to a neighbouring country and attempt to enter the Kingdom via a boarder land crossing, it is highly likely that the moment the Immigration Officer places the biographical (photo) page onto the desktop scanner, the system will flag a warning on the Officer’s screen. This will result in him/her being denied entry and he/she will be sent back to the country which they just left. I am given to understand that some lawyers, and agents, reportedly have connections within Immigration, and for a fee will establish if your friend is banned. If it is possible to have a ban overturned, is a matter of speculation. As has been suggested by several other members, his/her best solution to recovering money in his/her bank account(s) and selling off his/her condominium, would be to give a very trusted friend Power Of Attorney to act on his/her behalf to deal with the bank and sale of the condominium.
  3. Sorry, but your friend would most definitely have had an immigration stamp placed in his passport indicating that he had been deported from the Kingdom. It would be red, rectangular and take up almost half a page of his/her passport. The stamp would be in Thai and provide details under which section of the Immigration Act he/she was deplored. The deportation stamp will not indicate if he/she has been banned from entering the Kingdom. I suspect, given the information that you provided in your original post, he/she would have used Section 12.7 which basically states:- "Having behaviour which would indicated possible danger to the public or likelihood of being a nuisance or constituting any violence to the peace or safety of the public or to the security of the public or to the security of the nation , or being under warrant of arrest by competent officials of foreign governments". With regards to the question whether or not your friend is banned from entering the Kingdom, I would say that there is a very high probability that he/she is on a list of 'undesirable' persons. Again if he/she attempts to enter the Kingdom the Immigration Officer will most likely refuse entry based upon Section 12.11 which basically states:- "Being deported by either the Government of Thailand that of or other foreign countries ; or the right of stay in the Kingdom or in foreign countries having been revoked ; or having been sent out of the Kingdom by competent officials at the expense of the Government of Thailand unless the Minister shall consider exemption on an individual special case basis". The Immigration Officer can also refuse entry as per Section 12.7, as indicated above, given your friends past history. FYI... It is often suggested that persons' in similar situations to your friend should get a new passport, and if possible change their name. Sorry but the immigrations systems used throughout the world (including that used by Thai Immigration) are more than capable of matching up previous/current passports.
  4. I went to the hospital last week for a follow up check up. Must have had about 20 x-rays on my ankle and chest. God, its a wonder that I'm not glowing in the dark. Saying that, maybe a new topic - Alternative Energy = Nuclear Power Thankfully the ankle is on the mend. They've taken the cast off and given me a 'Beckham Boot' as shown below. The joy is that I can take it off to have a shower, and also at night to sleep, but I must wear it whenever I need to put weight on that leg. The consultant said that I need to keep wearing the boot for at least another month until the ankle bones have fully knitted. He advised that if they become displaced, I will likely need surgery to have metal plates and screws inserted to hold the bones in place. More expense that I will definitely try and avoid. The collapsed lung appears to be functioning OK now and my blood oxygen saturation levels are almost back to normal levels. The fractured ribs are still giving me a lot of grief. The Doc said that given my age (77) they may well take several months to heal because they are continuously flexing every time I breath in/out. In the mean time its a case of popping the meds to keep the 'discomfort' under control. I'm still uncertain as to exactly what happened. All I can recall was that having made sure all the cables were tucked well under the solar panels, I was making my way back to the ladder to come down when my foot slipped. The next thing that I remember was laying on the carport floor, unable to move, feeling totally numb and having difficulty breathing. My better half, who was in the house, heard the crash and ran out to the carport to see what had happened and phoned for the ambulance. The next thing I remember was being strapped onto a backboard and transported to hospital. The rest is history. I just thank my lucky stars that I didn't land head first. From that height the outcome would most likely have been fatal. A sobering safety lesson learned and I'm extremely grateful to my wonderful wife for taking so much care of me. I like to think that my better half doesn't think of me as being a 24 x 7 ATM
  5. I've just discovered that the local handyman who repaired the 'ventilation hole' in the carport roof appears to have spilt some silicon sealant onto the glass of 2 of the solar panels. I assume that he had to remove the mounting screws which hold the panel bridge mounts in order to fit the replacement cement tiles and was using the silicon under the 'feet' of the solar panel mounting bridges to prevent water ingress under the feet. I've not been up onto the carport roof to take a closer look, as I'm currently banned from undertaking such exploits by my better half, but from what I can see from the 2nd floor balcony which overlooks the carport roof, there are an number of largish globules and smears on the panel's glass. According to the system's monitoring facility the panels appear to be working OK with no noticeable degradation in power production. My question: Once I'm allowed to get up onto the carport roof, is it safe to remove the silicon from the glass using a non-metallic scraper?
  6. When I designed the system, I contacted the panel manufacturer (also a Tier 1 company) about drilling holes in the aluminium frame and whether that would affect their warranty. They responded very quickly and confirmed that provided that the screws, or bolts, which I was proposing to secure the panel to my 'mounting bridges' did not touch, or damage, the under side surface of the white board on which the photo cells are mounted there would not be any problem with them honouring the warranty should a problem be cause by other matters. Obviously, I have kept that email just in case.
  7. The tiles were new when we had the carport constructed in 2018, so 6 years old. Not sure about thickness. Sorry but I'm not able to get up there to measure them at the moment. At a rough guess I would say about 1/4 inch thick.
  8. @ThaiFig... Sorry I didn't mean to side track your topic with my stupidity. Looking at the photos taken by my neighbours after the accident, and before the ambulance arrived, I landed just behind the rear of the car. However, something did hit the car. I suspect part of the roof tile which shattered the rear n/s window, as seen below. It cost 5,000 THB to have replaced. Luckily no damage to the paint work.
  9. Yes... Local handyman did the repair for a couple of beers. No way could l do it with a cast on my leg. Apart from that, my better half has banned me from going up there until l get a walkway put up there.
  10. <Crossy> posts split from the Solar Doghouse thread as off-topic but posted here to serve as a timely warning. A serious word of caution. Those fabricated cement can be fragile. So extreme care is required when working on the panels, as I found out recently to my cost. In my case it was 3 plus meters from roof to floor. Gravity can take over in a split second and its not the fall that hurts, it’s the sudden stop at the bottom. Concrete is very unforgiving. Result was, 5 fractured ribs, collapsed lung, fractured ankle, 16 stitches in various cuts, 2 nights in ICU and a further 2 on a general ward and a massive hospital bill. All good fun. On a good note: the upgrade is working as anticipated and producing sufficient power to meet our needs during daylight hours. Good luck with your project.
  11. For your information: The femur (the large bone in the upper leg (between the pelvis and knee) if fractured (broken) can damage major blood vessels within the upper leg, such as the femoral artery which carried blood from the heart to the lower limb, or the femoral vein which carried blood from the lower limb back towards the heart. If either of these major blood vessels are damaged, they can bleed profusely inside the upper leg, often with little or no outward signs of blood. If the bleeding is not controlled very quickly, the amount of blood within the circulatory system rapidly decreases. This in turn causes the heart to try and pump faster to ensure that there is a sufficient blood supply to the vital organs (brain, liver, kidneys etc). As more blood is lost, it quickly becomes a ‘vicious circle’, the heart will try to beat faster and faster to compensate for the increasing blood loss. Unfortunately, the heart can only beat so fast for a relatively short period of time before it goes into cardiac arrest (stops working). If the bleeding is not controlled, and CPR administered quickly, brain cells will be irreversible damaged, and death will occur. In the case of a bullet wound (depending upon the size of the bullet), the entry wound is often relatively small, with minimal external bleeding. The real damage is done when the bullet hits the bone and the bullet and often the bone fragment. It is these fragments that then damage the major blood vessels (femoral artery and vein) and rapid bleeding then occurs inside the leg and is only noticeable by the rapid swelling of the thigh. Regrettably, Thai rescue personnel are, in the main, only trained in very basic first aid procedure (scope and run) and not equipped to undertake advanced life support procedures which would be needed in this case.
  12. Upgrade Update Up at the crack of dawn yesterday morning to turn off the inverter and the system’s AC and DC breakers before starting work to connect the two new panels to the existing panels on the carport roof. I managed to complete the connection and securing the panels onto their mounts before the sun became to strong to continue working on the carport roof. Back on terra firma, I did a quick check to ensure that the input polarity to the DC breaker was correct before switching everything back on. Thankfully the needle on the AVO meter swung in the correct direction and showed a reading of 240V (DC), which with the 6 panels, and moderate sunlight, was about what I was expecting. With fingers crossed, I turned on both of the system breakers and then switched the inverter on. The inverter went into its start up check sequence and a few moments later the system showed “Normal operation”. Fortunately no ‘flash bang’ or ‘magic smoke’ thank goodness. A quick look at meter on the pole outside the house showed that it was merrily spinning backwards at a ‘rapid rate of knots’. Upon checking the system’s monitoring facility (on my PC), the system showed a marked increase in power produced (e.g. about 40% plus) when compared against the same time the day before. After a full day of operation the system monitoring facility shows about 45% increase in production, as can be seen from the graphs blow. Given that there were a few intermittent clouds shading the sun during the day, the increase power production was as I was expecting. So now having spent an additional 8,000 THB on the 2 extra panel, I hope that they quickly repay my moderate investment. The only problem that I envisage is that with the added potential production there is a risk that my small scale system may well start pushing the spinning meter into negative territory, so this is something that I will need to monitor in the coming weeks as I certainly don't want the when the meter reader comes next month. All good fun.
  13. UPDATE - ROI After 2.25 Years Well, as predicted in my original post (above), my small scale grid tied system has really earnt its money over the past 2.25 years. The system was a DIY install with the hardware costing 28,000THB (give or take a few THB). According to the systems monitoring facility (as of this morning), the system has produced a grand total of 6,670 units, which at 4.2THB/unit (the total cost per unit on the day the system was activated), has resulted in a saving of 28,020THB on our electricity bills, as per screen shot below. I appreciate that this is relatively small compared to the ‘big boys’, but it has proved a really worthwhile investment. Each unit the system produces from now on is ‘profit’ . In my original post I mentioned that the day may well come when the local PEA come and replace our lovely spinning disc meter with a shinny new electronic one. Ironically, since I posted that remark, my better half received 2 phone calls from people purporting to be from the PEA and advising her that they (PEA) were coming the following day to install a digital meter. On both occasions nobody from the PEA turned up and we still have our spinning disc meter. It turned out that these were scam calls trying to get my wife to disclose her bank details on the pretext that they (PEA) would transfer a refund for the original meter into her account. Thankfully she never disclosed any details to the callers. As a result of those 2 calls, and the need to turn the system into NO EXPORT mode for a week (or so) after each call as a ‘safety’ precaution, I decided that I would upgrade my system by installing an additional 2 x 415W panels. This upgrade would hopefully mean that even with the NO EXPORT mode activated, the system should be able to still meet approximately 75% of our day time needs without feeding back to the grid if required. Luckily, I managed to get the additional panels from my original supplier (wow, still trading after 2 plus years). Same make, with free delivery, and only a small increase in the costs of the panels. The biggest task was getting the panels up onto the carport roof. Unfortunately, this time there was no large crane available to lift them up there (for a moderate backhander). It was shear man power, and a good deal of determination, but they are in place and they'll be connected tomorrow before sun rise, with everything being turned off to start with. So looking forward to seeing a potential 50% increase in output tomorrow, with no 'magic smoke', fingers crossed. All good fun.
  14. @siwiek I’m not sure why you are being so reluctant to post a photo of either a) your DENIED entry stamp from Phuket or b) the Entry stamp which you claim was stamped into your passport by Nong Kai Immigration and subsequently cancelled. If you do have these stamps in your passport, I respectfully suggest that you take a close look at them, and then tell us what personal data is included within these stamps that can identify you. The simple answer is there is none. I appreciate that you may be reluctant to expose your identity but as has already been said, on more than one occasion, posting a photo of either stamp will put an end to all the speculation. It’s nothing to do with "speculation on a board full of trolls" as you put it, its more to do with your veracity. Just in case you are having difficulty in finding the above mentioned stamps in your passport, I have attached below sample photos of a) a Denied Entry stamp, and b) an Entry stamp. As you will see there is no personal data inscribed on either stamp which can identify the holder of these stamps.
  15. Well blow me down. Yesterday at around 6:30pm my better half received a phone call from a woman who introduced herself as being from the local PEA. She asked my wife if she lived at number XX. My wife replied yes. The woman then said that they (the PEA) were going to replace the meter tomorrow and would my wife be at home at 10 am. Strange that this was exactly the same time as mentioned by the caller the last time in November. My wife again replied that she would be at home in the morning. The woman then asked my wife if she had claimed a rebate from her original meter. This obviously rang a bell with my better half as it was the same question that the man had asked the previous time, but my wife had to terminate the call as she was being called in to see the doctor at hospital. So my wife decided to play along and indicated that she had not. The woman then said that she would send my wife an SMS and instructed her to click on the link and complete the questions so that a refund could be transferred to her account. This really stunk of being a scam to get her bank details. It was also very obvious that the woman was reading from the same script as the previous caller from the PEA in November. Bless her, my wife really had her head screwed on. She asked the woman why it was necessary to change the meter again as it had only just been replaced in November. The phone suddenly went dead. My wife tried to call the number back but there was no reply. As my wife said, the PEA don't make appointments to change the meter. They just turn up and change it. Apart from that she's cute enough to realise that the SMS link was highly likely to contain a bug which would hack her phone and any bank details she had on it. Today just as a precaution I put my small scale GTI system into NO EXPORT mode. Dam, it was a nice sunny day and the system should have produced 7 or 8 units. Like the last time in November there was no sign of anyone from the PEA and thankfully we still have our nice spinning meter, so tomorrow were going back to Export mode. I have already obtained a couple more 415W mono half cut solar panels (same make and nearly the same price that I apaid 2 years ago) and started installing the mounts on the car port roof. The next job is to get the panels up there and installed. Hopefully this additional capacity will allow us to go full time on NO EXPORT if required and produce sufficient power to meet our day time needs whilst keeping our PEA bill down. All good fun.
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