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  1. I got my pink ID card on Friday in Mueang Surjn, at no charge. I went to the DLT the day before to apply for my 5 year license and they required a pink ID card in addition to my passport and yellow book.
  2. I registered with the expat site on Aug 8t. I received my registration confirmation but have yet to receive any other information. I also registered with Bangkok Hospital Khon Kaen on Sept 3rd and today when checking my status on their expat webpage, I received my registration number for my 1st injection of Pfizer on Sept 29th and 2nd dose on Oct 19th. At this time there are 19 slots still available, if anyone is interested. https://it-nurse.bkn.co.th/index_vaccine.php
  3. Both the PlayStation and Xbox consoles use a dedicated hand-held controller for game play. Both thumbs and index fingers are used to actuate the multi-function controller buttons. The other3 fingers and the palms o each hand are used to hold the controller. The controllers connect to the consoles wirelessly or by USR cable. Aftermarket controllers are available, but have never considered needing one. Just be aware that games are designed for the system they are played on (PS, Xbox or PC) and are not compatible with each other.
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