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  1. Easy life , hey ... hanging around with friends drinking , a little Yaba from time to time ... no job , not care anyway ... Always in need of money to finance his ' good ' life , When ' mau ' sometimes go for a boum boum with some other low life ... no future , not care ... Anyway , when money is ' mot ' , there are some tourists now , some women even going alone , easy target ... just smack her face , steal everything from her , cash it in at the local pawn shop directly afterwards , go drink with friends , laugh ... until the cops come . Well done RTP .
  2. Just wait for the next elections ... I seriously doubt that many want to improve the government's stability ... but you never know here ...
  3. Thailands vision for transformation in ALL aspects ? Most what needs transformation here is the politicians and their policies and the general mindset of the xenophobic Thais who want everything . but not give anything in return . He won't change that , for sure .
  4. THAI tourist . At least he was wearing a mask . Great driving skills , looks like he did it on purpose . But no , thai rak thai ...
  5. Not yet . No one can accurately predict the future developments of this crisis . In the beginning , they said , the virus will wane and disappear by itself . Not true . It mutates ... and how these mutations will affect the human immune system is unknown . Fact is that it circulates stronger than ever and there is no indication that it will just disappear any time soon ...
  6. Electric cars are the way to go . Hydrogen powered fuel cells or standard rechargeable batteries , does not matter as long as the electricity to charge the batteries is produced in a sustainable way . I would really like a ' simple ' electric car without too much electronics . Just charge the batteries and go for something like 2 or 3oo km ... Hydrogen is for trucks and long distances ... Where this car comes from , is not important to me . It's reliability and price , is .
  7. Too early to define the effects of all the mutations in the new variant . Time will tell .
  8. With the enormous surge in infections in Europe , it became clear again that a vaccination does not protect from becoming infected . It protects from becoming seriously ill , but only for a limited time of about 6 month . After that , regular booster shots without end ... Let's hope that the new Omicron Variant is not able to bypass that protection .
  9. Yes , I think they could not even spell this word . I think about 86% of the 54,14% are just lying and hypocrites ... What is forbidden for children , attracts them most ...
  10. To become a real democracy , Thailand first has to learn to respect the results of an election . And not to block with unfair methods the opposition party that got a lot of votes ( FF ) , and not to put their own unelected cronies in powerful positions , and not to amend a constitution just to ensure to stay in power , and not to suppress demonstrations against the government that , after all , have a good reason ... And not to use the Covid emergency just to control the population with new and illogical rules that mostly favor the government only . No surprise they have not been inv
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