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  1. This guy is suffering from a serious Xenophobia . It is easy to adapt the coming changes in ownership law to Thailand's idea of it's own security . Limit the amount of land that can be owned by a foreigner and do not allow it's resale in a certain timeframe ... There are a lot of countries I know that allow ownership of land for foreigners and none of them has ever suffered from this afaik ...
  2. To only let in people that can prove vaccination or a negative test is designed to protect Phuket's population from the Virus . But at 200 daily infections , the Virus arrived in Phuket already . Do not see much sense in further restricting the access to Phuket .... ?
  3. The owner of the bar did not pay the ' tea money ' ? After the raid , she had to say ' khoo toot kha ' do a wai and was threatened to pay a fine the next time ... hopefully ...
  4. After 4 and 6 yrs in thai prison , they should have learned their lesson . Death penalty was a little exaggerated anyway ...
  5. Is there a place in Thailand that is still completely free of Covid ? Covid is everywhere . So , Lockdowns are good for what ?
  6. Floating solar panels require less maintenance . No regular brush cutting necessary . Solar is the way to go , better than wind . Solar panels should be on EVERY roof . Excess solar produced energy should be used to create hydrogen , that can power , for example , fuel cell cars . Conversion rate is still not good at 2:1 , but there are other ways to store electric energy provided by solar cells as well ...
  7. Misconduct and corruption ... Misconduct can certainly be limited by better supervision and fines , but corruption is too deeply embedded in thai culture .
  8. That is right . Thailand has to find it's own way to navigate through this and the upcoming next crisis . It is not a part of China nor the western ' powers ' . The way Thailand needs to take is somewhere in the middle . That will be a balancing act . It requires diplomacy to be able to do that . Will that be possible with the current military led leadership ? I doubt that . A civilian government has to be elected first . Hopefully , after the next elections , new thai leaders who are capable to establish and maintain diplomatic relations to the ' outside world '
  9. Opening the borders does not mean that more thais will become infected by the vaccinated tourists . It means that some thais who are struggling to survive will have the chance to make a few baht . They need this . Btw ... more than 200 new infections per day in Phuket ... Who infects who ? Is it the few tourists who are responsible for the 200 daily infections ?
  10. Nothing more important ? Who cares about some wristwatches ? They are all corrupt , what's new ?
  11. It is the vaccinated tourists who take the risk , not the thais . Vaccinated tourists will not infect thai people more than thai people do . But if they decide to further delay the opening , more thai people will suffer economically . That will not help the government . They will open just as planned .
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