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  1. I can buy a Suzuki Address 125cc for 28.000 Baht, 5500 km, 2 years old. Is it a good deal? Is it a good bike with inexpensive repairs and solid performance? What do you think?
  2. Exactly, that's why I think increasing liability insurance on an old bike makes the most sense. Actually I find it pretty scary to ride around in Thailand without 3rd Party Property Damage (=property liability) insurance. If you hit an expensive car, that could really hurt your bank book.
  3. Here is a very good primer on motorcycle insurance in Thailand: https://www.expatden.com/thailand/motorbike-insurance-thailand/ This excerpt explains about covering opponents vehicle damage: 3rd Party Property Damage: The whole idea of the 3rd Party Property Damage is similar to collision coverage but only covers the car of the opposing party. This is the selling point of Type 3 coverage because you’ll only need to fix your own motorcycle from the accident without having to worry on the opposing party. So basically instead of 3+ I only need Type 3 cover
  4. Well, here is the copy of the quote. If it isn't what I think (see above) it is, then please let me know. Your advice would be appreciated. And kindly answer: "So the dealer includes compulsory insurance with the purchase. Is it ok to take his insurance and then add-on 3+ insurance from Roojai?" Roojai Quote Motorcycle Insurance.pdf
  5. So the dealer includes compulsory insurance with the purchase. Is it ok to take his insurance and then add-on 3+ insurance from Roojai?
  6. Thanks for the hint with Roojai.com: Apparently what I need is 3+ insurance to cover opponents vehicle damage: My quote for a Honda Click 125i 2008 is about 2000 TBH including the 300 TBH compulsory insurance. Expensive but probably worth it. 600.000 TBH property damage included.
  7. Hello, I am about to buy a ~10 year old used motorcycle (Honda Click) in Chiang Mai. I have rented motorcycles before and what the Farang owner of the rental shop told me, made me scratch my head and so I want to get to the bottom of this: He said that motorcycle insurance in Thailand covers only personal damage not property damage - so in other words, if someone driving a motorcycle runs into another vehicle the insurance would only cover damage to the passengers of the other vehicle and not the property damage to the other vehicle. I would want
  8. Hello, if I want to loan a Thai person money secured by a first mortgage on their property, how do I go about? My Thai friend is to buying a property. We are thinking to put a mortgage in my favor on her property to consolidate and secure my loans to her for her business. What would be the procedure and are there any special taxes or fees involved. Maybe someone could share their experience. Thank you.
  9. Hello, could you tell me where in Chiang Mai can I buy a used Honda Click for around 10.000 TBH?
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