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  1. Easy to figure out. Start by banning all visitors from the country that gave the world COVID-19.
  2. Ironic the the supposed strongest mRNA vaccine, Moderna—has yet to make an appearance in Thailand. Too bad the government was Hell-bent on piling on the Sinovac.
  3. So this begs the question: can you consider someone with two shots of Anutin’s SinoVac as “fully vaccinated”?
  4. Too much SinoVac. Not enough AZ. Very little Pfizer. And no Moderna yet.
  5. You can lump me into that 60% not ready crowd. How about pushing that mighty ever rising Baht down a bit more? Tourists, expats and the export industries all benefit from a screamingly low Baht.
  6. Any bets on which week of November? ZP said they’d know 1 - 2 weeks before the first delivery. Most expats already have vaccines now. This one matters—for the Thai gf’s and wives—if you ever want to travel again.
  7. Excuse time—Moderna won’t arrive in.October as promised. So now, November, and will come in lots of 100k, and they won’t know about delivery for 1 to 2 weeks beforehand. And they’re desperately trying to source the vaccine from America. But no one takes responsibility for this delay.
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