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  1. That does it. Deport all Americans—for good measure.. Thailand doesn’t need their high-spending ways. Open up to the safe Omicron-free countries.
  2. Now this wouldn’t be a part of Xi’s Belt and Road debt trap, would it?
  3. If the western nations agree to combine trade sanctions against China—how could this put wind in their sails? Who would they sell to? A manufacturer of that size needs world markets—and not just 3rd world markets.
  4. Probable outcome. But if the US administration has any stones—they would take immediate and permanent trade action. Equal import/export values, and if China doesn’t buy their share of American products—make up the difference with steep tariffs. Every western nation should do the same. That would end Chinese belligerence and aggression once and for all.
  5. When it came to naming the new variant, the WHO skipped over Nu Xi (the next logical Greek letters) and settled on Omicron—to avoid upsetting a certain large population. What is WHO afraid of?
  6. Curious that when it came naming this new COViD variant—the WHO skipped over the subsequent Greek letters “nu” and “Xi”. WHO explained that they wanted to avoid offending a large group of people. Nu Xi variant sounds OK with me…
  7. TG for the local markets. They’ll sell beer (as long as it’s bagged) anytime between 2 and 5 P.M. They also offer credit to those in need. Whatever it takes to survive.
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