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  1. Just curious...han anyone been able to register online in the last week? Last Monday in a telephone conversation, Imm official told me the system is not functioning properly and only option is to go in-person or do my mail. Of course, she offered no date when system would be functional. I have tried online several times this week to no avail. So ridiculous that this has gone on for so many years, when almost any online merchant site can function reliably. Just no valid excuse for such nonsense!
  2. What is Best market, weekends market, or store In the Pattaya area (preferably Jomtien) where I can buy authentic Thai spices and herbs in packages like these shown that I can Mail to someone in US. I have a friend back in the US that is into gourmet cooking and I want surprise her for the holidays with an assortment of authentic Thai spices that might be difficult to get in America, or at least definitely superior to what she would be able to buy there. If you know an online source that would be even better. Looking for the highest possible quality, and I kn
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