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  1. What I wanted to say is that the doctor's are probably measuring antibody levels shortly after the booster dose. This may or may not correspond to adequate protection from the vaccine. So I really wish they would stop playing these games and go with established global procedures and get the people of Thailand properly vaccinated.
  2. You clearly make a good point here. Perhaps there are two issues outstanding; 1) Thailand wants to retest the original PCR to make sure the visitor is actually COVID negative and 2) you may catch COVID on the flight. If they are concerned about catching COVID on the flight then I believe Smedley is correct and that the test should be performed 3 to 5 days after landing. But in the end I feel that the risks of a visitor bringing COVID into Thailand after being vaccinated and tested are far less than the risks of getting COVID here after arrival. So I believe the government should open up an
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