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  1. not according to the Indian bonk analyst, never mind the quality feel the width?
  2. At first a niggardly half hearted reaction, then when some hi-so's lives or lies or livelihoods threatened the headless chicken random approach. Whatever else do not adopt best practice from others. A herbal substance will be found to ward of Nu-Xi-Omicron and STDs . Until in the post hiatus the devastated economy Barack Obama is chosen to lead the lost to the promised Foodland. In between the usual suspects will be blames, black foreigners , white foreigners, Drs , nurses, the poor, the dark skinned and daily the Burmese , rinse and repeat.
  3. done all that still wont work will wait booster or just leave
  4. Thanks yes this is my second millenium in the erstwhile land of smiles, Mobile data for many years, tried with AIS and True the Mor Prom downloaded when released the issue is the hospital has not uploaded the data of foreign names. Not an issue isolated but will need to enter Mall to enter bank for immigration driver's license nonsense. I'm almost at the end of my tether with the xenophobic incompetence. Denied vax locally reason gleefully given openly rcist, not for foreigner! , Moderna paid but non appearing, dual pricing etc etc .Not a good time to return EU .I think once winter Covid spik
  5. Except the numbersi ssued here wont work for me or many other foreigners as they haven't entered names in data base, so at a time when we are shielding its 2 x 15okm trips one for local cert then another day teh yellow book, insanity
  6. This will be a disaster for Tourism. I'd imagine a 1$ arrival or departure tax on all would fund this .Come n TAT earn your money. If Emirates can underwrite all for up to year on a $500 ticket perhaps they should use their broker, oh but the kickbacs.....
  7. When does the 72 hours start. Where is the closest place to Bangkok Airport to get this? Does it have to be written in English? Time of Check in Flight Departure or Arrival please?
  8. Thanks the anecdotes and refusals to insure however that is not what I seek.rather an insurer who WILL pay for consequential loses due to covid. These could be 1 A real or false positive test symptomatic or asymptomatic leading to confinement in hotel, hospital or other compulsory place 2 Infection even in sole use transfer the driver may transmit as in my original post. The only way I could imagine this would be to walk to the Transit Hotel? Is this allowed? I am not saying this is likely possible , but it cannot by definition be impossible? The fact the
  9. Be a big handshake up a Wai Less LOS.. However if our esteemed leader ever got down and dirty with the praa he may have noted Krung Thep is built no so much angels as moist spongey lands one might almost say a swampy sewer but that's Int arrivals and bling Power.
  10. At present there is Thai one ,An EU one, The OMS Yellow Book , The IATA one the NHS UK one the RF Passe Sanitaire in France The goal is to have a valid record of valid vax or covid testing recovery and history to allow or deny access and travel. Surely the Global body should get on this asap? Is anyone in the loop of an app for Android that will work in all continents? I appreciate there are privacy and security issues and of course the cost , but a $1 download by 2-3 billion people or sponsored ad could surely pay for that, e.g. a different airline each day c
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