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  1. Two months up, two months down, two months up .... Same in Europe, Asia, everywhere. Regardless of vaccines, lockdowns, variants, travel bans ....
  2. If it keeps the Chinese out I'm happy. I hope it will not keep ME out though.
  3. Evolutionary psychology has an explanation for our inborn preferred landscapes, for example why we surround our houses with lawns and prefer to keep the forest at a distance. (In a nutshell it's because Sapiens' brain evolved in the plains of Africa). Not sure Thailand is lush. The Thai landscape strikes me as dried out (in spite of the excess rain) and hostile. And it is hostile if you consider the critters that lie in wait. That is the downside of the tropics as opposed to the subtropics. You would be surprised for example at how much more pleasant to the eye the land
  4. That's not a bad idea at all if you are over 50. I was thinking of having my mother over in Thailand next autumn. A 90-day non-0 would be a good way of being able to stay more than 2 months. Two months seems a bit short for the business class ticket to pay for itself.
  5. Most countries (and certainly EU and North American countries!) are happy to have you as a taxpayer even if you understay the 183 limit there, except in the case where you are poor and only want to remain a resident of your country in order to avail yourself of Social Security or the National Health Service. In the latter case, since they can get no tax from you because you earn too little, they'd rather not have you at all.
  6. I got burnt with Curevac. Vaccine stocks are a gamble against great odds IMO.
  7. That's the way to go TAT, on you go, please do plough on! (regardless of any African scare).
  8. I have a one-year extension to be renewed by May 2nd. And I am not paying any rent or accommodation right now while I am out of Thailand.
  9. I was watching the "Thai Consular Online" youtube vid. At 0.51 it says "Fill in accommodation details - Upload paid booking". I guess this "paid booking" is not the 1st quarantine night but something else. How am I expected to fulfil this uploading requirement? I'll be traveling for 3 and a half months (until the expiry of my visa). Last thing I want is to waste money on advance bookings.
  10. The one I got is a 13-digit TIN for the CRS and FACTA. The Thai give you one if you tell them your overseas bank require one. At least that was what I was told to tell as a reason for asking for one and it worked. If you tell them you need one to pay tax in Thailand they might tell you "you don't have to pay tax in Thailand". When I filled in the W-8BEN form for my EU broker in order to get the 15% rebate on US withholding tax, I needed to write down this my "Thai TIN". If it also serves as Thai national tax number, so much the better because it is a simplification compared to many
  11. In the COE system the insurance had to cover the (remaining) validity of the visa/entry permit. If your visa expired 8 months after landing in Thailand, you needed 8 months insurance (even if your onward flight was 3 weeks after arrival in Thailand). It is not how long you intend to stay that matters, but rather how long you are entitled to stay once in Thailand.
  12. "I never pay a woman for sex, I pay her to leave in the morning" (Charly Sheen?).
  13. What I would like to see is a scrapping of the Thai embassy step (COE, TP) for holders of visas. This is really the limiting step. Passengers who turn up without the required paperwork can simply be fined on arrival (have to pay for the test and/or the insurance at a premium compared to the pre-flight online rate). I propose FOA (Fine On Arrival). Thai airport police should love it.
  14. The TIN is an number for information exchange between countries. For instance if you have revenues in a UK bank, the UK bank sends the data to Thailand using your Thai TIN (what Thailand does with the info is Thailand's business, at present Thailand can't probably be bothered). I have shares yielding dividends in Thailand. I asked my broker if instead of "tax number of recipient = 00000000" my Thai TIN or some Thailand Taxpayer number couldn't appear on the slip. I got the usual irritating Thai answer, ie "no need to worry about that". That's one of the things that irk me most abou
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