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  1. There's nothing wrong with guidelines for proper ethical and moral direction in life. However that doesn't mean that one specific religion's tenets should should be displayed in state schools (and to the exclusion of all others) - especially when the US Constitution calls for maintaining a separation between church and state. It's not as if all these ten commandments are the best way to teach moral or ethical values for today's world, anyway. For instance, what useful moral value does, "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image," teach? Or, "Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain," or "Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy," for that matter? They express religious values, to be sure, but moral or ethical ones?
  2. I've seen people saying that it's not working if you use AIS Play but on True ID (which I use) it works fine. Not all the games are on PPTV36, for instance some of the games today were/are on MCOT channel 9. That's also working fine.
  3. No, it absolutely does not mean that. Do you really think there are only two possible sources of propaganda in the world? That's a ridiculous proposition.
  4. Yes, you're missing something - evidence that any of these "male Ukraine supporters" travelled from Ukraine to attend the match. Or that they were all Ukrainian nationals anyway. In case you weren't aware of it, a lot of people have a lot of sympathy for Ukraine and that translates to them supporting their football team when they're playing. Although as a previous poster pointed out, there were around two million Ukrainians in Germany well before the Euro 2024 tournament even started. So even if they were all Ukrainian males (which is not evident) there's no reason to think they travelled from Ukraine to be there.
  5. A peripheral vision test will not detect if you have glaucoma. It can be an indicator that you might, but peripheral vision loss can be caused by a number of different eye conditions. Glaucoma is only one of them.
  6. OK, but the millions of wild birds were not culled. Nor were the tens of thousands of seals that have died, for instance. This virus is rapidly spreading to more and more different animal species that were never affected by it in the past. So far, at least 26 species of mammals are known to be affected. This rapid spread began in 2020, "when a new strain of H5N1 emerged [that] could maintain itself in wild bird populations year-round." 'Unprecedented': How bird flu became an animal pandemic
  7. Wow - that's a highly persuasive, reasoned argument right there. Colour me convinced.
  8. The issue you raised wasn't whether the west is also duplicitous, it was whether NATO had the right to tell China what to do, despite the fact that NATO had not done that.
  9. And how do you know these children had been menstruating for three years? Or that they had had any boyfriends - or that they were 'attending' bar areas? You don't. Some of these girls are recruited directly from their villages. Some are recruited by others already working in the establishment. They don't need to have been anywhere near a bar area before being recruited. You obviously know nothing about how these kinds of establishments recruit the children they exploit.
  10. OK, I'm sorry your cousin was robbed and intimidated by a 'local gang' in the US. But while this was taking place, did they also vouchsafe to him their immigration status?
  11. He's not telling China what they can or can't do. He's highlighting (and criticising) their duplicity.
  12. That's not accurate. Although it came in a speech where he did indeed reference Laken Riley, he referred to immigrants in general as animals. He didn't say, "The murderer of Laken Riley is an animal," he said: United States Trump calls migrants 'animals'
  13. UV light from the sun can increase vitamin D levels which may very well have health benefits (although only if your vitamin D levels are low) but that doesn't make it "the best medicine" for COVID. Maybe you're getting confused about the fact that UV light can kill the virus on surfaces and thinking it can somehow have a direct effect on curing a COVID infection - the same exact mistake that Trump made.
  14. Did you even read the OP? It's not a 'book on COVID'. It's a book about his entire career in the American public health sector, spanning more than fifty years.
  15. The US is occupying 1/3 of Syria? That's a ridiculous claim to make. As the Reuters article below points out: Why U.S. troops are in the Middle East Having less than 1,000 troops located in a couple of small bases does not by any stretch of the imagination, equate to occupying 1/3 of the country. And in any event, the situation is not even remotely comparable - the US is not laying claim to Syrian territory, nor are they demanding that Syria become subsumed into the US.
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