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  1. They have no effect on me, what bit of that don't you understand. Yes 100%. Next question....
  2. As mentioned no interested in the link or any of the current affairs in Thailand, like most countries there's nothing that the common man may do to have any effect on it. 95% of other expats will leave Thailand before me should visa requirments change. FWIW i see them becoming easier in the next few years. I left VT coz my work contract was over. If you like to go out on the 'scene' regularly VT is not the place for that, too small, it'll end in tears.
  3. Ha ha. Pls send me links to 'civil unrest' in Pattaya - lol. Why would i have any interest in Thai current affairs, it has no effect on my life. I lived in Vung Tau for 3 years, if the man priority of your existence in life is the nightlife scene ( which your post indicate ) then you've no idea what to expect in VN. Good luck, the sooner you leave the better.
  4. Visa's are a once a year event, not daily. Protests in Pattaya, did i miss them? You think making Pattaya a 'family holiday destination' will make all the nightlife dissapear.....really? As a farang you also do not have a 'right' to live there, it's a lot more 'closed' that what Thailand is, have you ever been?
  5. How do the government policies have any effect on your day to day life?
  6. You could be an expat in VN. bi bi.
  7. When you leaving for Vietnam if it's so good?
  8. Phuket was the guinea pig, it seems to have panned out ok. Remember the ease to control Phuket as compared to anywhere on the main land.
  9. Exactly, all these people ( now they're older ) seem to forget is was the nightlife / sex and openess of the place as being the main reason most came.
  10. Anyone with any history in Thailand would not make any arrangements to arrive in Thailand expecting no quarantine. It's been the same with all changes in quarantine procedures, wait till it happens and then monitor before booking.
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