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  1. So on a 60 day extension i can leave and enter as i wish ( so long as i have a re-entry permit )? What documents are required for a 60 day extension and how long does that take to process? Thx
  2. Can i report back late, eg submit all paperwork then leave the country ( with re-entry permit ) for say 2 months and then return, is this possible?
  3. Thank you, can you leave the country while 'under consideration'?
  4. Let's take 10 months as an example. You're willing to spend $22K to come and sit in a room and basically do nothing with risk of exposure to Covid? Makes no sense IMO but up to you.....
  5. Excuse me for going slightly off topic but if you enter on a single entry non O ( based on marriage ) - you get 90 days on arrival? - can you convert to a one year extension of stay? - if yes for above, how long does this process take? - if cannot get one year extension of stay and it's only 60 day extensions, how many times can you do this? Thanks.
  6. ok, say you're coming for 8-12 months, how much do you think that would cost to include everything?
  7. Do these agents do this in the less 'touristy' locations? There was travel restrictions last year but they were not enforced, like now it's still relatively easy to travel between provinces.
  8. Lower costs? Even with flights / quarantine / rental accomadations taken into account? Really?
  9. You are not immune, the antibodies do not last forever. Also a doctor told me that if you're infected for a 2nd time it's likely the sypmtoms will be worse. It makes sense to get vaccinated and makes intl travel easier.
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