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  1. yeah.. you had a pretty good idea your point would be proven.. and now you're gone.. Somewhat akin to lobbing a hand grenade through the kitchen window as you walk by.. BTW, you know what they say about kitchens.. " If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.."
  2. Wow.. I could not find a simple emoji to reply with.. The British view.. Trouble is, each and every one of the above statements is true..
  3. Obviously, if they are medically compromised enough that vaccination is a health risk, they are not an average person. So statistics referencing the risks of Covid infection for the average person are not relevant. And at the end of the day, they are non-vaccinated and should be subject to the same restrictions as all other non-vaccinated people.. This will also close off a potential "out" for the willfully non-vaccinated.
  4. Once the people who claim health reasons for non-vaccinating are properly vetted, they should be able to avoid the vaccination. However, they should still be subjected to the same restrictions as all other non-vaccinators.. Because they will then be legitimately identified as being at high-risk of serious outcomes should they become ill with Covid.. and once they have been identified by medical professionals, that means that all the other non-vaccinators are simply unwilling to comply with public health initiatives. Those people can prepare themselves to live an increasingly restricted li
  5. Is the OP a dog-whistle to complain about the fact that all of their Covid (mis)information, following on and closely related to the Trump Big Lie ( I won, but I was robbed by the <deleted>), is being denied equal time?
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