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  1. usufructs are a very common strategy, but as someone has pointed out, building deep in family territory is just plain stupid as the family can make your life a living hell no matter how many documents you can wave.
  2. prenups are legal in Thailand, in most cases, however, they are pointless in a contested divorce where the court determines the enforceability of such clauses and compliance with Thai laws. In short, Thailand prenups are only valid when both parties are in agreement.
  3. Medical cocaine and ketamine solutions suspended in saline for injection were available in drug stores in Phnom Penh not even 20 years ago. Heroin was even easier to find on the street
  4. Because so many Indians are called Nadiya Servina and have a Slavic spelling of Warsaw (Varshawa, Varshawa) for their last name
  5. why the misogyny? is it her that has offended you or do you have issues with all women? i know what my guess is.
  6. What a crock. you googled the name to see if she was hot. As for this nonsense: Given you looked at her LinkedIn, you know she is extensively traveled and has had a career in finance. You also saw this picture which is decidedly unhippyish. As for the topic title, what garbage the thaiger is. It doesn't even make sense.
  7. It seems you are also blind to irony and carrying a chip on your shoulder against the english. but hey, you do you.
  8. As for the quality of the news, get used to it. Sadly the Thaiger is the new standard.
  9. truly a mastermind, flying beneath the radar in elephant pants
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