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  1. Free ride? Im like 18k into extensions if not more. All in accordance with govt policy. I didnt need to transfer a <deleted> ton of money into the country either. I did however put some of that in crypto. Where'the free part? Granted that is about what flights and a hotel to penang, savannaket, or anywhere else would have run me, or even paying an agent for a visa, but it aint free.
  2. Who expected? This isnt going to "go away" like the common cold or herpes doesnt go away. Learning how to mitigate the damage and costs (to society) is all we have.
  3. get over yourself, we all know the costs, we obsess over them, bemoan our loss of relative freedom, some died. Some suffered. we have all lost someone. we know. But who are you to denounce what one person sees as a positive out of the whole situation? I personally enjoyed the last two years. So thank you covid for marine life returning to the sludge pit that was Venice harbour. Thank you covid for tourist destinations that have regenerated significantly in the last two years. Thank you covid for reduced emissions from cars and airplane
  4. understood. messy business when doing things "right" has negative ramifications.
  5. thank you. despite the minor indignities and additional costs, it seems entering Laos on the day the embassy closed (march 22) and being forced to turn around and talk my way back in on a tourist exemption rather than my usual non-o child has in the end simplified matters. It was a stressful day. i was delayed by 2 days getting a laos visa in BKK, by time i got to mukdahan, they didnt even want to let me out of thailand. I also had to talk my way into Laos, and then back out. and then back in to thailand. It took almost 6 hours in total, and i met many confused officia
  6. I am curious if you need to go to CW if you are moving off of another type of visa and can only go to MTT if you are already on an exception. There are certainly people who can answer that here, albeit not you,
  7. I have been extending at counter K MTT since it opened. never once asked. Only requirements have been passport photocopies and one picture. Yesterdays extension took less than 1 hour. And, I am always called by the queen bee out there, one of the angriest women i have ever seen. i am confused as to why people would be seeking extensions at CW when they could be extending at MTT Counter K
  8. pretty clear that if you apply before jan 25 you get another 60 days. thats basically 2 years in the country on covid extensions for some
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