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  1. An asshat is an asshat, professional or otherwise. It doesn't take much time out of my day either way. Besides, I quite enjoy stepping on toes myself.
  2. What a stupid response. ATM, credit card and debit card fraud is worldwide. I also strongly doubt the entire population was involved in this, especially since they were the primary victims. In fact nothing I have seen indicates that this was perpetrated by thais, though if it was kudos for a remarkably tech savvy crime.
  3. If you had looked more carefully you might have also seen that ubiquitous shotgun was rusty, uncared for and likely inoperable.
  4. I dont think it acceptable at all. It is clearly against the current policy and I think 5 years is a pretty reasonable slap on the wrist. With the family and freinds I have here it would be devastsing. Nor do in think a single dolt whose crircumstances I neither know nor care to understand is worth all the strident righteousness you bring to bear on the topic.
  5. Gee smokey, thanks for the language lesson, though despite the fact that you are the ringing voice of reason im hard pressed to understand why you would feel the need to bemoan uk immigration policies here. Perhaps you were using this topic to grind one of your favourite, apparently factual, axes? I sure you had no unspoken agenda, though.
  6. Not sure how they managed to get past the crowds of people frequenting all the other unopen bars in the area to make their arrests. A word to the wise people, only frequent bars with clear cut police connections.
  7. If lisa has any sense, she will steer clear of anything tondo with this government. As for the opera singer, what the absolute fock are they thinking?
  8. I have qualifications in IT. Epic. My dad is a tv repairman. He has an awesome set of tools.
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