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  1. This is why its confusing. It makes sense travelling from a red zone. But when I went to the airport they told me only need a passport and so I called don mueang and bkk and was told the same, still unconvinced I called bkk again to be told i need a covid test, it's like they just trying to sell you a ticket so will say anything. But ive had a pcr test just in case
  2. Surat airport is having a huge revamp so not many kiosks open in fact I could only find 1 and they said not need anything so I called don mueang and bkk info they say the same only need passport then called again to bkk and was told needed a pcr test it's crazy nobody knows what the right rules are
  3. Must applications to regester for a jab require you to download a picture of your passport and the visa. So I'm not sure if a entry stamp will do. But if you on a visa ie 60 days then I cant see a problem. When I had my jab they looked at the passport but only to confirm my name. It's worth a try applying got nothing to lose. I used expatvac app
  4. As the saying goes you choose your friends not your family ask yourself If he is that differant from you why is he your friend. Drop him and find others more in your thinking, it's his opinion what he thinks and you have your opinions to. so let him find other friends in what he thinks. Lifes to short not to have true friends
  5. I went to the airport to ask and they told me I only need my passport to fly into and out of bangkok which I find very hard to believe simply because what's the point of having red zones. Ir they just trying to sell me a ticket and then I'm stuck in bangkok. You are right I think about driving I've read no road blocks from surat to bangkok but 9 hours if I dont get lost that is, but I'm thinking if cant get out of bangkok I will have my car so could find away
  6. Also I did not state they dont have email I said they dont answer them along with line chat . Apart from sales talk and links to buy flights. Its automated response. But thank you for taking time to call them I'm sure you have much better things to do with your life
  7. What dont you understand about the question it asked. for information and you haven't given any. Yet you spent time phoning the airline and writing about how you phoned the airline and not said what their response was. And all airlines have differant rules so are you going to call them all. Vietair have said dont need anything to go bangkok and to return to anywhere I have spoken to them at the airport. But that's not true because what is the point of having red zones. Other airlines say antigan test some say pcr tests and that's called getting information as what I asked in the question.
  8. It seems somebody wanted the husbands business after he died. Or no more brown envelopes going the right way.
  9. they will have to show the empty vaccine bottle to the patient so it scares the virus away
  10. Why haven't they learnt cutting corners to try save a few baht cost much more in the long run. Do it right the first time and and dont keep doing it again and again and again
  11. I think it will be the same requirements to that before the sandbox ie COE insurance and quarantine. They still doing that for bangkok pattaya the sandbox in Phuket is just dangling a carrot sort of thing
  12. Great info thanks for that I feel the world is much better with people like you in it Its not the tests (if any) I will get what ever tests they want from me. it seems a waste of 3 flight vouchers if I use another airline even the through the cost of the flights is cheap its principle that they dont do cash refunds. It's trying to find out what I need to go and what I need to come back. But it dosnt matter now as decided to drive
  13. Long drive must have taken you 15 hours. I was thinking of driving there and back but have 3 flight vouchers.so didnt want to waste them. But looking at it with all the covid tests it will be probably cheaper driving
  14. About a hour drive away but your prob right
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