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  1. Thanks. I seriously blame all my issues on covid. Yes, I used to eat junk before too, but at least I'd sweat it out in the gym 3 times a week. Since lockdowns a was just sitting home, overeating.
  2. I'm scared I may have this. I got all the symptoms. I'll go check myself soon. Due to my height which is 196cm I'm not particularly overweight. I'm at 96kg, but I got fat around my belly and I noticed one side if fatter than the other. That has me worried a bit.
  3. I must be a really nice guy. I really despise women like that. When I was on tinder I dated a cosplayer who was also a streamer. She'd get those virtual gifts that can be monetized. I banged her after the first date of course and one day while she was streaming she decided to introduce me as her "friend". There was one of her followers who was going to come from Germany and meet her (a guy in 30's about 10 years younger than me). When I appeared on her stream he started asking me if I'm gay and some other stuff. So instead of straight up telling him I'm actually banging your future wife (they
  4. Don't they have marks and Spencer in cm? Currently a lot of their stuff is 50-70% off. Bought a lot of clothes there really good quality.
  5. Pravda - location ekkamai Number of vaccine shots - 0
  6. Oh good. I was just thinking if I should have a tablespoon of white sugar for breakfast or not.
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