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  1. I suppose it is easy to forget how much of a Chinese influence the island already has.  I did notice many of the motorbike rental shops pre-covid were being operated by Chinese as well.  They didn't want to rent to Thai people, my wife had the hardest time trying to find a bike for us, eventually had to get it from the hotel in Bophut.

  2. 17 minutes ago, moontang said:

    Today's special, 48 oz ice cream for 1.49, when you buy six.


    My wife is always surprised by the (inexpensive) cost of groceries here compared to Thailand.  If the cost of housing and property tax was cheaper in the US, the cost of living would be comparable in many ways.  Electronics, cars, quality clothing, supplements, insurance, many are far cheaper and higher quality here in the States.  However, Thailand too has many advantages such as the relative ease and convenience of travel at very low prices.  

  3. A lot of really fair points and good perspectives in this thread.  Too many times, people are far too invested in their current situation and want to trash the alternative.  However, there is a fair assessment presented here.  I often talk with my wife about the advantages & disadvantages of living in FL in retirement vs. Thailand and we really haven't come to a solid conclusion yet.  It's ultimately going to come down to the future policies of the government in Thailand and the implications of the USD:THB exchange rate I do suspect.  Wherever we can live a higher quality of life on the same budget would be preferable of course.  We shall see how times change.

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  4. 6 hours ago, khunPer said:

    Chaweng Beach and Lamai Beach will come back alive when the pandemic is under control, but the already ongoing changes from old era towards a new time will just happen little more rapid than it would without the C-19 pandemic...🙂


    Very solid perspective KhunPer.  I think the pandemic will just hasten the whole process of transformation.  The era of the Westerner in Thailand most certainly seemed to have peaked around the 2012-2014 range.  I asked my Thai wife what she thought would happen, she thinks that it will just cater more towards Chinese and (less so) other Asian travelers with Instagram friendly resorts, restaurants, cafes, and most importantly - a shift towards larger villas instead of hotel rooms.

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  5. 8 minutes ago, corkman said:

    Tourstis want and expect tuk tuk's, cheap massages and knock off goods, cheap seafood and a rustic experience that is "cheap" compared to their home countries. They want quaint, thatched huts serving cocktails at sunset. 


    Do we think that is true anymore?  Or has Instagram friendly travel become the way forward for these businesses?  It seems the only places really thriving lately are those with a trendy atmosphere, beautiful food presentation, and a seaside backdrop (at least in Pattaya).  I'm not sure backpackers will ever be the target market for any place going forward into the future.  It seems those days have sunset right along with the cheap prices that used to fuel young people to travel to Thailand.

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  6. 9 hours ago, starfish said:

    I can´t wait to see the outcry in all samui forums, when chaweng beachroad will be back to semi-normal, and thousands of tourists will permanently jump up and down and up from the footpath into the slowly crawling traffic jam, because of the hundred newly installed electro boxes, making it impossible to properly use the footpath anymore.


    Pretty sure the Chinese just walk in the road unaware of the surroundings around them anyways 🤣

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  7. 3 hours ago, steelerian said:

    I was shopping on Central at 11.30am on Thursday last week. my gf and I were the only customers inside the Central Department Store, and I think we saw only 2 other customers in the entire mall.


    Definitely not sustainable, let's hope things turn around later this year!

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  8. 1 hour ago, gearbox said:

    Some of the public infrastructure like footpaths is slowly degrading,  hopefully they'll find money for it later as very few businesses are paying taxes now.


    Interesting insight, something that I hadn't considered.  That could potentially affect other areas of Samui beyond Chaweng and Lamai as well.  Outside of infrastructure, I'm very interested to see if there will be any major or notable changes to Central Festival Mall's array of offerings and businesses.  I can only assume the reduced foot traffic is putting the squeeze on businesses having to pay hefty rental fees.  

  9. As we are all aware, these two areas in particular have been hit pretty hard from the lack of tourist arrivals.  Many businesses have been closed for quite a while now.


    My question is, how do you think these areas might change going forward?  Do you think business owners will attempt to just pick up where they left off or will there be a significant turnover to new businesses catering more to Chinese nationals or otherwise?  I still believe Samui and Phuket will do pretty well with Westerners wanting to escape to a warmer climate for brief periods of time, however I really don't think the island will ever see the numbers of the past for the foreseeable future.  I also suspect a significant (and welcome) drop in the Full Moon Party crowd, with no other catalyst other than people choosing to explore other destinations instead while Thailand remains closed.


    What are your thoughts, Samui patrons?  Any predictions for the future of these two areas?

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