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  1. GP - General Population, child rapist are 'targets' in prison, he won't live long to clarify.....maybe prison 'code' is different in Asia than North America and he'll be just fine here locked up with others.......
  2. Lock him up, put him in with GP and he'll be stabbed within 48 hours.. ( in the West anyhow ).
  3. I received my new passport, took my old and new to hospital involved with the vaccination centre ( Phuket ). They updated certificate to the new passport number, next day could see the new passport number on my MorProm info. Yes get a new passport before Yellow vaccination book application, I've been told by MOPH they cannot change passport number in yellow book to a new passport number, at this time anyhow....
  4. I was loaded an extra 15% on my premium for HBP. BP medication not covered, they will however cover for any illness/problems related to HBP during coverage period.
  5. It appears they are zeroing in on long yearly stays, I think at some point soon unfortunately Non O extensions will be there along with the O-A requirement...be ready !
  6. I received my 90 day return notice by EMS from CW 3 weeks past due date, you'll get it soon.........
  7. Another AZ vaccine donation ceremony, thanks S. Korea, "70% of the Thai population vaccinated soon" a great ( no idea ) statement to leave ample room to continue flip flopping high level decisions. Bhutan's 250-300k AZ LOAN to Thailand a few months back is due to be returned before year end 2021 as written months ago.......hmmmm
  8. Burpees, pushups, sit ups, jump jacks, planks, ( Prison Fitness )......... Quarantine Slim.....
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