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  1. I DL'ed the K-Plus mobile app several years ago and have never had any problems. Use it to pay bills, transfer money, scan/pay for purchases using QR codes, etc.
  2. If you look closely, you'll see many are not healthy.
  3. Good for them...berry picking is hard stoop labour. It's just too bad they have to go halfway around the world to make a decent income.
  4. Those are also recent good Corona virus reporting by the Post...the specific article I had in mind is this one: In search for coronavirus origins, Hubei caves and wildlife farms draw new scrutiny https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia_pacific/china-covid-bats-caves-hubei/2021/10/10/082eb8b6-1c32-11ec-bea8-308ea134594f_story.html
  5. The WHO has just appointed a new international scientific panel (including Chinese and American members) to conduct another investigation into the origins of the Sars-Cov-2 virus. Hopefully this one will bet some traction. Washington Post has some interesting reporting from the southern China karst caves today but unfortunately behind a paywall. They may give it out as a freebie so check it out if interested.
  6. One half the is within 4-6 hours flight time to Bangkok (China and India), those are the markets Thailand should focus its tourism revival efforts towards.
  7. A scientist adventurer and China’s ‘Bat Woman’ are under scrutiny as coronavirus lab-leak theory gets another look The silencing of scientists, the blanket denials, the careful guarding of raw data and biological samples — these elements have been emblematic of the approach by Chinese authorities at every stage of the coronavirus outbreak. And they continue to obstruct the world’s ability to get answers. There is no direct evidence linking Tian’s team, or a rival group of bat-disease specialists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, to the coronavirus outbreak. Nor is there mor
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