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  1. I've lived in Thailand for over twenty years and I've not noticed (nor read about) any increase in crime rates during my time here. In particular, I've not felt any increased danger during the past two years of the pandemic, when many Thais are quite skint.
  2. Of course if you had bothered to read AND comprehend my post, it is clear it refers to resorting to criminal behavior because of the hard economic times many Thais are suffering due to the pandemic. If large parts of Detroit, Chicago, Washington DC, or Los Angeles were as deserted and abandoned as much of Pattaya and other Thai resort destinations, they would be nothing more than looted shells of stores and businesses and burned down neighborhoods.
  3. The op and my reply refer to crime due to the pandemic and the hardship it has created for many.
  4. So that everyone will then overstay their visas a year or more and then expect to just waltz on out of the country? If he had the money for a flight to Russia...he has (or can get) 20k to pay his fine.
  5. Anyone who has spent any time in Thailand knew the Thais wouldn't debase themselves and resort to a life of crime, even when times get tough. Thailand is not like Detroit, Chicago, or parts of London.
  6. I thought all the people they are trying to attract are rich...do they care about the cost of wine, spirits, and cigars
  7. I've been advised that the Phuket Covid-19 vaccine registration site is now open to foreigners without work permits, i. e., retirement visa holders and other non-working foreigners residing on the island. The site is linked below but it's in Thai only (of course) so you will have to use a browser that can translate it (e.g., Chrome). https://xn--12cmj6ba0a7b3g4a6fud5d2a.com/
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