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  1. they good for making me a sammich and cleaning the house too !
  2. Didnt CCleaner get busted selling user data to china ?
  3. Better to use actual microsoft tools than some 3rd party crap. Windows PC Manager is all that is needed.
  4. At 4.30am it is likely she was pissed up after an evening working a chrome pole on walking street !
  5. Explorer or Everest ? If Everest, buy one with the 3.0 V6 Powerstroke diesel. Water-Meth injection. Cold air intake. Hi flowed turbo. exhaust. Tune. That will get you to 250kw+ and would be a hoot to drive.
  6. Yeah.. I do think that is the norm. if not an uncle its a cousin/brother.... either way by 15 most are well versed in the reverse cowboy.
  7. Maybe OP is just dribbling bullsh!t..... which he is notorius for doing. Likely not intentional, just the years of breathing in cleaning chemicals has fried his brain.
  8. Jeez ya'd have to be pissed to be ill enough to need a meat wagon only for it to have a head-on and ya get even more fecked up ! Am glad my one and only trip in one I was in a coma.
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