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  1. Good points but I do suspect that Chonburi's population is significantly more than the official figures. Bangkok could be too. I think many actual Chonburi residents are officially listed in their home province's population figures.
  2. I suspect we won't see the real estate bottom until after people can come to Thailand with no Covid restrictions yet people still don't come. The Chinese ares the elephants in the room though. They are the only possibility to revive the market.
  3. At that point rents will rise with more restrictive rental clauses. There is a general feeling that Thai landlords won't budge on price but I think the supply/demand dynamic is quite important.
  4. Not sure. Here is a Google Map to where I believe (not sure) the hospital is located. https://goo.gl/maps/XnJRKhWVFDg8aVyr9
  5. I would suggest that you refresh the following link a few times a day. Looks like perhaps BNH may be reopening first. https://www.thailandintervac.com/
  6. Perhaps businesses that can get up and running with hardly any capital investment with a lease deal which specifies no rent due if there is a government mandated shutdown. But I think even if the Thailand chooses to be extremely business friendly, tourists will be scarce initially due to restrictions put in place by other countries.
  7. Now closed but supposedly will reopen. Upon reopening., you have to be extremely quick filling out the Google Form or you will probably be shut out.
  8. It was open; I know for sure since I snagged an appointment. Here is the link. Now closed. https://www.medparkhospital.com/en/page/covid19-vaccine-expats
  9. He did an interview with Trump. The best Trump interview IMO was Jonathan Swan's of Axios.
  10. Bill Hemmer on Fox is also relatively unbiased but kind of a lightweight.
  11. IMO the very best and least biased show is Fox News Sunday hosted by Chris Wallace. If you haven't watched you might be surprised,
  12. You would think there would be negative growth. Jan and Feb 2020 were decent months.
  13. Hmmm, although registration supposedly didn't open until 9AM tomorrow, it is now fully booked!
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