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  1. Actually I find Pattaya/Jomtien to be cheaper than Bangkok. And indeed better air, next to the beach, more beautiful, many good and cheap restaurants, good malls (even Terminal 21), hospitals, dentists and many things to do. Perhaps Hua Hin can be boring after a couple of weeks and longer bus/train ride to Bangkok and Suvarnabhumi. After travelling most touristic places in Thailand, my bet for best retirement place is Pattaya. And you must realise that many Bangkok residents also choose Pattaya for weekends.
  2. Yes, that's right. You must stay 7 days at each destination and may not go outside your province even for a short trip. For instance, while in Phuket you may not go to day trip to Phi Phi or James Bond Island, because they are in a different province. You can check at embassy website instead of guessing. Have you already checked for a COE? I reckon your are just supposing. I'm in my 10th day sandbox in Phuket. No way to change plan to 7+7 because I got COE for 14 days. No way to go to Phi Phi even for a short trip. No way
  3. It's not painful, just bothering. They make you tickles inside your nose. I recommend you telling them that your nose bleeds easy, so will do it specially slowly and carefully.
  4. No. I'm just at the Patong bus stop now. I asked everyone working around the place and all of them confirmed that bus to Phuket is not working now.
  5. Merely open doesn't mean tourists rushing to go to a place where bars are closed, no alcohol in your meals, nothing to do there and curfew at 9 PM.
  6. Alcohol bans enforced in Phuket? After 10 days in Patong I have seen only 1 restaurant so far where they refused selling alcohol with my meals. And, have you been recently in Bangla Road? They don't even pretend that they are not bars, full of bargirls, and serving beer.
  7. Burger King much better. At least in Spain.
  8. I'm doing sandbox right now. If you have breakfast at hotel and do daily check at hotel, nobody will know where you sleep, unless they check app installed in your phone.
  9. Actually, even if approved, it will not be enforced. Same as alcohol ban in Phuket.
  10. Do you mean those buildings built at the seaside in public domain? I wouldn't say those are fake news: they really are. But I reckon than talking about demolishing those buildings, just because they are built in public domain, could be fake news: TIT.
  11. Even whith 2 jabs people can be infected with Covid-19. Vaccine don't prevent getting Covid-19, only to be seriously ill if you get it. To do Walking Street sandbox it would be necessary a negative Covid-19 test not less than 72 hours before entering.
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