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  1. It is now clear to everyone that this government is desperately trying to revive the economy in Thailand otherwise it will be defeated in the next elections so any action it takes could be the opposite of everything in a short time, therefore I do not give any credit that everything it decides is valid in long term and not even short term. Therefore I am only enslaving and organizing my money transfer to Thailand keeping it non-taxable while for the visa 0 maintaining it does not expose me to the rapid change of the unstable government and gives me a certain peace of mind.
  2. This is the official version, I always wait for the real reason. My window computer didn't have any problems, OK I'm not an airline company. 😁
  3. Yes, but like many, they don't understand anything. But now all capital transfers will be tax free, maybe not .......😇
  4. PM Sertha comes to declare Bangkok Post that he wants to make Thailand a Financial Center, therefore the taxes on the import of capital should be cancelled.
  5. In fact, many Thai men (minus the farang) at a certain age want to become monks for a bright future.
  6. What a disaster and yet the "conspiracy theorists" had warned them.
  7. You happen to have a noisy exhaust and you return in the wee hours of the night? If it's you change the exhaust. And avoid condo problems
  8. Interesting how journalists' articles in Thailand are continually edited to match the official statement
  9. And the FBI arrives to investigate, which doesn't make much sense, international espionage would make more sense.
  10. Thank you for your suggestion, with a 90 day e- visa it could be a nice discover. VIETNAM ELECTRONIC VISA (E-VISA) From 15th August 2023, Vietnam grants e-visas for citizens of all countries and territories with 90-day stay duration and valid for multiple entry. https://vietnam.travel/plan-your-trip/visa-requirements
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