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  1. I couldn't suffer any more after that scene where she wanted Clint to join her on the bed, and I'm an Eastwood fan, but that was just stretching the realms of believability. It would have been nice for Clint to go out on a high instead of this hogwash, but that's only my opinion.
  2. Bar girls who need your money trying to get you in the sack, hardly the same thing as a rich sophisticated woman (she's 52) trying to get doddery old Clint in the sack. The acting was abysmal, Clint looked as if he was reading off cue cards, but hey, if you enjoyed it that's all that matters.
  3. Only managed about 15 minutes of Cry Macho. Found it to be cliched rubbish with bad acting. Then there was a young attractive woman trying to get 91 year old Clint into the sack, give me a break! Clint should have quit after Gran Torino.
  4. Documentaries are bar stool knowledge? Well if your ex BIL is a policeman and a church member that must make him a good guy. Wasn't the BTK a church member? I believe Dennis Nilsen was also a policeman at one time. I'm not suggesting all UK police are bad, but the problem is they cover for each other even when they know it's wrong. The Thin Blue Line. Church officials said Rader has attended Christ Lutheran for 30 years, starting at about the same time he is accused of committing his first murders. Last fall, Rader was elected president of the chu
  5. Tip of the iceberg. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/apr/14/stop-and-search-metropolitan-police-sajid-javid
  6. Wrong, I don't like tyrants and bullies who think they are above the law.
  7. Would have preferred if they'd kept it serious instead of trying to make it a comedy in parts.
  8. Have a look at some of the Auditing Britain police videos on YouTube and see how well protected you are. Absolute bloody tyrants.
  9. And what country might that be? Please don't say the USA, that would be a joke.
  10. Might have been an opportunity for some Thai partners to just get out of the house for a while. I know my Thai partner of 11 years also accompanied me, not to hold my hand, but to go and do a bit of shopping at Villa market on the ground floor after.
  11. Old 2021 Has HC Chinese subs. Very disappointed in this movie by director M Night Shyamalan, could have been an extended episode of The Twilight Zone. Considering this director has made some very good movies like The Sixth Sense, Signs, The Village etc, I found Old to be a bit cheesy. IMDB gives it a 5.9.
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