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  1. I guess all the royal family land in the UK belonged to someone else once, fat chance of that ever being returned to the original owners.
  2. But which indian tribe? Should every conqueror give back what has been taken in the past?
  3. It's by far the best of the torrent sites.
  4. First episode didn't grab me enough to continue watching.
  5. Joined any cults lately? Or sent money to a TV evangelist? Built a bunker in preparation of Armageddon?
  6. If you have 3BB they will give you a box free to access Thai TV channels.
  7. The Sandy Hook parents sadness and misery was compounded by AJ and his lunatic followers. They were harassed for years and accused of either killing or hiding their own children, or the massacre just didn't happen. AJ is a monster and pure evil IMO and would sell his own mother for ratings.
  8. The worst thing is that more than 50 million Americans believe all the BS that this creep spouts.
  9. The Great Lillian Hall. Superb acting by both Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates.
  10. Good way to make a small fortune.☹️
  11. The nurse portayed in this comes across as quite strange herself.
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