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  1. It sounds to me like you have insufferable brit syndrome coupled with classroom fatigue. What learners want is the ability to communicate effectively -- end of story. Good day, your highness.
  2. I agree that standardization could be helpful. Image how much easier what the world would be like if all the countries drove on the same side of the road, for example. As for the difference between Br. E and Am. E, telling time is pretty much the same, except that Americans are more likely to say "three-thirty" than 'half-past three' and they also tend to drop the indefinite article for "quarter past" and "half past". But those are just minor differences and for the most part we remain very mutually intelligible in this area, unlike in other realms such as describing parts of a ca
  3. I am in Songkhla and my little school has been closed for months. I started doing some teaching online, but just small classes on Skype...what do you think is the best app for teaching online?
  4. I am an English-language teacher, currently teaching mostly prathom level students. For many years I put a priority on getting kids able to 'tell the time' in English: '2:15=Quarter past two', '9:50=Ten to ten', as based on the analog clock. But since the main point is to get the kids to be able to communicate effectively, I have been wondering if all that is useful anymore given that the majority of clocks seem to be analog these days. The issue raised itself again when I was recently talking to a friend back in the States who said that even
  5. Interesting. If you come across any good links to watchable stuff, please include them here.
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