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  1. Might be ill-advised given we have alpha, beta and delta variants present in the south.
  2. Well that's me done, 2nd dose today, in and out within a hour.
  3. 2nd dose of AstraZeneca today at the Bangkok Hospital, Hat Yai. Jab was delayed two weeks because of supply problems, but all done today, in and out within an hour. All very efficient.
  4. A good southern breakfast of roti with a spicy curry sauce and a nice cup of coffee.
  5. Isn't he a southern Thai anyway, not deep south but from Trang or Surat Thani. So it's like going home really.
  6. Wise transfer HSBC Singapore to Krungsri this morning took a couple of seconds, SMS from HSBC saying money gone and SMS from Krungsri saying money arrived came one after the other 'ping-ping'. Meanwhile the Wise app was still saying waiting for the money, money moved so fast Wise couldn't keep up.
  7. Not true. Infection rates will also drop naturally, once a high proportion of the province have had the virus, the old fashioned vaccination method.
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