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  1. I tend to agree with you but I made the point because Thailand is nowhere near the rate of those vaccinated in the UK and can see the Govt deciding that the perceived risk in letting British tourists in is just too great.
  2. Back in the UK covid has just blitzed through my grand daughters school, she caught it and has self isolated at home. I expect similar here.
  3. True but a test just after they land stands next to zero chance of a positive result if they are. If they want to catch people who are infected whilst in flight they will have to test from the 2nd day onwards.
  4. There's 2 PCR tests to negotiate. One in the 72 hours before you fly and one on the day of arrival. Not really required for double vaccinated tourists imho.
  5. They escort you to duty free and make you purchase a high-end iPhone with an overpriced 12 month call and data contract.
  6. Wonder how long the UK will remain on the safe list? Deaths per day heading towards 200, the Govt warning of 100,000 cases per day soon and hospitals already saying they're under serious pressure with the increased case load.
  7. Does anyone else find it absolutely remarkable that the tested rate has remained at a constant 14.68% for days now?
  8. "The party leader added that Suphachai has been asked to first seek his input before expressing views." You're not paid to think out loud you know.
  9. Just registered on the app quite easily using Google Translate, the camera option works very well.
  10. It is, and Finland 555. Seems they're counting 24 EU countries, despite there being 27 countries in the EU and then adding the 3 EU Nordic countries, Denmark, Finland and Sweden. My brain hurts!
  11. If Bangkok floods there's flooding, if not there's no flooding.
  12. If it's anything like schools worldwide then many of the returning kids will go down with covid. I have 6 grandchildren back in the UK and 2 have caught covid. The eldest, 13, was diagnosed just last week and thankfully only seems to have a case of the sniffles but from reports many of the students in her school have tested positive and sadly a couple of the grandparents are in a very bad way after catching it too. My wife and I are both fully vaccinated so not too many worries for ourselves but the concern for our daughter, who is 4 years old, is still there. It's a very tough
  13. Since covid first took off in Thailand there has been nearly 40,000 excess deaths here compared with the usual annual death toll. Many suspect, including the Rural Doctors Assoc. in Thailand that the covid-19 death toll has been under reported.
  14. "He insists the kingdom is instead pursuing a higher quality, more family-friendly market." Talked with both my daughters back in the UK yesterday. Both of them and their respective families will not be holidaying in Thailand whilst the published demands are in place.
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