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  1. Huh? The WHO are even mentioned in the opening post. In fact, a WHO convention is suggested as a possible solution to the situation. So me giving my opinion on them is not off topic in the slightest. As for medical fascism, yeah OK it's a fair cop you got me. I'd just read an article on Von Der Leyen calling for mandatory vaccination and couldn't contain my glee that we were no longer a member of the EU .
  2. But this isn't about the US, it is about Thailand signing up to a treaty on Covid. The WHO have shown themselves to be totally inept. The way they 'investigated' China was laughable.
  3. Off topic. This thread is about Thailand supporting an international treaty on Covid19. Not about US politics, Fox News, the far right, Trump etc.
  4. Frankly, I'm not interested in those who try to link everything they disagree with to their obsession with the far right. It's a diversionary tactic. Even when someone is quite literally opposing medical fascism and ultra authoritarian government policies somehow they are 'far right'. You probably think they are all racist as well, and transphobic, and support Trump. Thailand supporting an international treaty on Covid has nothing to do with the 'far right' so I'd rather stick to the subject in hand than be sidetracked by your political obsessions and clumsy generalizations. Tedro
  5. I think this is at the heart of it. Prayut and his cronies hate the sleaze and the associated image of places like Soi 6. It is also prime real estate. So if they can force these places to shut down they've killed 2 birds with 1 stone. Drive out the sleaze and pick up some prime real estate on the cheap for another mall, hotel, theme park or whatever it is they think people want. They'll never get rid of it completely, but it will move further and further away from the prime beach areas. It will be less 'in your face' and tucked well away from the eyes and cameras of the Chinese to
  6. I'm not sure what the far right has to do with this? Although, I suppose the sort of medical fascism and ultra authoritarian stance being pushed by supporters of this kind of treaty/mandatory vaccines could well be regarded as having far right leanings. However my point stands. The WHO can give advice all they like, but it's a scary thought that a muppet like Tedros Adhanom could have the power to decide which chemical MUST be injected into my body under the legally binding power of an international treaty.
  7. You do realize that the vaccinated can catch it and pass it on? Last month my double vaxxed brother in law caught it and passed it onto my double vaxxed sister. I still got the vaccine because it's very likely I will get Covid at some point and I want minimal symptoms. I'm not kidding myself into thinking that the vaccine makes me immune, but I will still get my booster shot (already booked in with Vibhavadi hospital) in January because that is MY choice. Your rights don't stretch as far as demanding what chemicals others inject into their bodies to make your life more convenient.
  8. Advice and recommendations are fine. This thread is about a treaty. A legally binding international instrument. Totally different.
  9. 100% disagree. Anyone with a shred of respect for bodily autonomy would respect the individuals choice about which chemicals go into their body. As Franklin said, those that give up liberty for safety deserve neither. Medical fascism is absolutely NOT the way to go, it's an extremely slippery path. I'm double vaxxed by the way so you can forget about labeling me an anti vaxxer or Covid denier. But it was my choice. If someone else chooses not to have it that's their choice. Not mine, not yours and certainly not the unelected leader of a corrupt organization like the EU.
  10. Absolute nonsense. Nation states should decide how they wish to respond, not the "global community" led by corrupt organizations like the WHO and their clueless leaders. I saw the unelected leader of the EU, Von Der Leyen is now calling for medical fascism in the form of mandatory vaccination for EU citizens. Another bullet dodged.
  11. You might want to read the whole thread before misrepresenting what I said. Assuming your reading and comprehension skills are at least equivalent to that of a 14 year old, you would see that I was responding to another poster who said they are OK with these stupid laws because they get a thrill out of breaking them. Now, go read it again - slowly. Good lad.
  12. 4 DUI's before you get suspended? Does this apply to all drivers, or just the ones that we entrust to drive the public around all day?
  13. Seems OK to me. It's another option for those under 50 who have plenty of cash to retire. Just get an appointment for penis reduction surgery, 800k in the bank and you're good to go. I never understood the age requirement for retirement visas anyway. Surely lots of people can retire before 50, sportsmen for example. People here moan when they tighten the visa requirements, then moan when they offer easier options.
  14. All 14 brands meet the standards for showing others that you are an upstanding, comforming, virtuous member of society. All 14 brands stop you getting dirty, accusing looks and a fine from the Popo. So they're all equally effective as far as most people are concerned.
  15. Sensible decision. Hopefully governors in other parts of the country will grow a pair and follow suit.
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