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  1. Clearly WR LIfe is not the way to go, they have already full of complaints as recent as 5 days ago. I am not at your age, but I would rather pay 30% more for one of the more known companies. From Trustpilot https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.wrlife.net?languages=all&sort=recency&stars=1&stars=2&stars=3
  2. Why don't you want Ukraine to get back their territory? Why would you think like that if you are born in the West ? Why are you against democracies?
  3. Just lower your expectations and try to think like a kid when you communicate with them. IQ is not a big thing in Thailand.
  4. Putin on his way to North Korea for the first meeting in 20 years+ , he desperately needs weapons now. And Kim will do anything to please him. Two dictators , hand in hand against the world . Dictatorships never survives. Try to do something foolish fat Kim and N-Korea will cease to exist.
  5. Are you planning to drive with it in Thailand? Maybe good for Bangkok traffic? Just make sure the battery will survive the rush hours.
  6. I lived in Thailand for 10 years and never kept more than 5000 baht in my condo I went on holidays all over the world only travelling with credit cards, and these days even easier with the smart phone. Welcome to 2024 . Maybe you are talking about the "good" old days. If I really have to pay for a lady I just visit the nearest ATM. Keeping big cash inside your room is a big no no anywhere in the world. And 90k baht is at least 4 months salary in Thailand.
  7. Yes I just wanted to make it clear. Powdered milk is nowwhere near in taste.
  8. Mr Khalid from Canada , with 90000 in cash. Ever heard of credit/debit cards ?
  9. If you are bored I suggest move every 12 months to a new location. Then move back to Pattaya when you realize it's the only place you can still be called a hansum man.
  10. Meiji is originally a Japanese brand. It's what most restaurants prefer , like Starbucks. It's not based on powder. Meiji Pasteurized 100% Fresh Cow’s Milk made from 100% fine quality milk to offer you the delicious, rich and creamy taste with rich natural nutrients such as protein, calcium and vitamin B2. Guarantee the quality as No.1 selling brand in the pasteurized milk market. https://www.cpmeiji.com/en/product/view/Meiji-Pasteurized-100-Fresh-Cows-Milk-2l
  11. Could have just been drunk and fell , we will never know the truth. RIP.
  12. Norway recently closed the border to all Russian citizens, as one of the last European countries. Thailand should do the same or they will end up with 100000 ++ stranded Russians. No I do not feel sorry for any Russians
  13. Probably had lots of friends but no close family so needed financial support in the end.
  14. Milk is not a part of the Thai diet. Very few locals drink it. So the production costs are higher in Thailand. Just appreciate you can actually buy it in the stores. Back in the 1970's that would have been impossible. My favorite is the Meiji brand.
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