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  1. Hi Bruce Speaking from recent experience: The QR code on your Thai vaccination certificate is sufficient for the Australian Travel Declaration, The check in for your flight will require hard copies of your PCR test and Thai vaccination certificate. The yellow vaccination booklet is nice to have but not required. The Thai vaccination certificate can be used to obtain an Australian vaccination certificate when you get there. I got mine at a chemist that does vaccinations. There is no charge for the service, Bon voyage,
  2. Has anyone used the test and go at Jomtien Holiday Inn? How was the ride from the airport? Was it waiting when you arrived? Did you have to share? How was the PCR test and how long did it take to get the result? Here is the link: https://asq.in.th/aslq-thailand-hotels/jomtien-holiday-pattaya-chonburi-sandbox
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