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  1. that's what I was thinking also, that included his deposit i believe. 5 star.
  2. Sounds like he needs to get involved with other kids his age even before the traveling, like at home, he needs to join a club or doesn't he like sports of some type, soccer club, local tennis club or similar. He needs to get away from mum & dad as when he gets older he won't be a good communicator when others are around and mum & dad aren't there. It sounds like he need to get out more, why don't you take him to meet other cousins, or work colleagues who have kids his age. You both need to make an effort to have him enjoy things with others and not just mum &
  3. he said it was 20k ... lol .... hardly worth the hassle, move on and learn.
  4. 20k .. Lol ........ it's not worth the hassle. A lawyer will cost you 3 x that, and the contract is between you and the agent. sorry, but I seriously doubt the police will do much except file a case. The agent is probably long gone by now anyway, probably on some beach in Vietnam or wherever.
  5. well have to see what eventuates, but i know they are eager for some quick baht if your interested
  6. lucky you ..... not the place to go thats for sure.
  7. i could arrange for Noi's sister and cousin to dance naked for 200 baht
  8. so it's damned if you do & damned if you don't. So what is your suggestion, close for another year ? Lol
  9. while i don't condone violence, this is an option ..... he may get hint and pack up and leave
  10. do I need my VPN on with that ? and if so what country server ? cheers.
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