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  1. I see they are making it mandatory to get vaccinated worldwide in many jobs and shops, and rightly so .... I don't wanna be within cooee of any self righteous knucklehead who thinks he's the almighty and doesn't need it.
  2. your story reminded me of Thai reporting, completely different to what actually happens.
  3. oh I love you darling !! ..... so handsome .. ' .. where is your ATM card dear ?
  4. she told him she's 20 and he told her he's rich ..... what could possibly go wrong. !! Lol
  5. sell the damn thing and drink what you get. You'll feel much relief ..... It's only a burden .......
  6. yes .... although it's totally unprofessional & unacceptable action by Boots, it's not all lost and gone, mistakes do happen even in the UK, it was probably all a complete misunderstanding as the well known Thailand excuse. Get another test and flight booking immediately .....
  7. possum, your PC is 20 years old ... are you still using floppy disks ? geeeeze, just go and buy a new PC like I did.
  8. I'm sorry OP that you are addicted to drugs and you will try anything to get your high. Try drinking a bottle of Jack Daniels and take a few tylenol or something ..... they are legal. It's really sad to see some on here are addicted and will stop at nothing to get their fix. Thankfully, drugs are illegal as they should be and punishment should warrant that. Today society doesn't need or want drug users so stop before you get into trouble. Jail for drug addicts, users and pushers who destroy families.
  9. Khun Prayut Chan O Cha has done an excellent job as PM of Thailand. I know the whingers and moaners on here could do better as they say .... but I really doubt it. Lol I mean anyone can do better sitting on a bar stool or at home on the couch waiting for their missus to get them another beer. good job Khun Prayut.
  10. oh dear , such criminal activity going on in Brunei. Imagine if the 1.2 kg had made it's way onto the street, absolutely shocking to think what could have happened.
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