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  1. Agreed . Travellers shouldn’t have to pay more than the normal price. I ( kind of) understand that the government wants another PCR at our expense but then it should be made affordable and the hotel should clearly state what, and inch proportion, is being charged. When I pay 14 K + for a room for 2, I do expect a butler ( as far as prices go in Thailand) and the club lounge is included. What is see on some supposedly top end hotels…breakfast is included and a 20% discount on food ( which seasoned travellers already get with their cards ) . I still have to grasp the concept on this one day quar
  2. You seem to forget, my dear, that we own our jets. I might add that this is a smart move allowing us more parking spaces
  3. An 8 to 14000 per couple for a night is simply outrageous. I have just booked the Bauer in Venice for a few nights and it is even cheaper than any scheme in Bangkok. Doing everything to get the extra penny ( hundred pound in that case )
  4. Hey I know that it is time of confusion and we will have to wait for clarification. However I have three questions and if anyone with an idea or an information could share it here, would be great 1) Semi-Commercial or Commercial flights: is there still an obligation to go through the semi as I am aware that Qatar, for example, claims that they fly commercial to Thailand now ? 2) A few weeks ago I wanted t o book an authorised flight to Bkk with Thai on a specific date. I was told that the only possibility was to board for Phuket as only direct flights were auth
  5. I guess that some have not left taking relying on the multiple stay extensions but, as mentioned, only a guess
  6. They ask for a PCR on domestic flight for the fully vaccinated ?
  7. Actually it does make sense that they impose the insurance, It avoids burden on the state. Of course tit would (is ?) be unfair for them to ask the tourist to purchase an insurance from a particular list (Thai insurance for the matter) and on top of an existing insurance. That is called travel insurance and most of the seasoned travellers hold one. It is kind of the same policy when one asks an EU visa and must show a 30.000 euro travel insurance
  8. Thank you for taking the time to comment and bring this up to date I appreciate
  9. Well...again another post for nothing as we have been fed with that all afternoon We also need the exact details And, again this is not a quarantine-free travel, (although it is great improvement... if confirmed and recorded in the Royal Gazette)
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