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  1. I guess that some have not left taking relying on the multiple stay extensions but, as mentioned, only a guess
  2. They ask for a PCR on domestic flight for the fully vaccinated ?
  3. You should be ok as you seem to live on an island
  4. Actually it does make sense that they impose the insurance, It avoids burden on the state. Of course tit would (is ?) be unfair for them to ask the tourist to purchase an insurance from a particular list (Thai insurance for the matter) and on top of an existing insurance. That is called travel insurance and most of the seasoned travellers hold one. It is kind of the same policy when one asks an EU visa and must show a 30.000 euro travel insurance
  5. Thank you for taking the time to comment and bring this up to date I appreciate
  6. Well...again another post for nothing as we have been fed with that all afternoon We also need the exact details And, again this is not a quarantine-free travel, (although it is great improvement... if confirmed and recorded in the Royal Gazette)
  7. Of course another article, meaning that nothing is official, but kind of detailed ( hope can post the link ) https://www.channelnewsasia.com/asia/thailand-pm-announces-quarantine-free-travel-visitors-45-countries-2259711
  8. Thanks let’s hope this will be confirmed Remains the problem of preparing the departure: COE / Embassy ….
  9. Let me reassure you....there won't be 3 x fully occupied 777 landing ( booked maybe but by whom ? )
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