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  1. They should save money on their advertising campaign and only target teetotallers, hermits and sociophobes. :rolleyes: Maybe a few new campaign slogans are in order: Thailand: come for the sun, die of the tedium. or Thailand: the hub of beaches and boredom.
  2. In the absence of any deadly new variants, the tourists aren't the problem. The trouble will start when they begin seriously lifting restrictions on social activities, like allowing bars to open again, which is pretty much a must if they want to attract a lot of people to spend a lot of money. Loss of inhibitions from drinking, together with shouting and singing in close proximity to others, possibly in an enclosed indoor space, and you have the perfect environment for the virus to spread. Now all those young(ish), fully vaccinated partygoers and staff may not be at much risk, but the vaccines
  3. Enjoy these low numbers, once the schools go back and they relax the social restrictions on bars and other venues to attract foreign tourists, we'll soon be at 30,000 to 40,000 new cases a day, though their refusal to do any serious testing will mask at least some of it. It's coming and it's unavoidable for anyone living here, so make sure you have had both jabs. The really sad thing is that, with only a third of the population fully-protected after over four months of the national vaccine rollout, all of those new cases are going to come with a lot of excess deaths as well. The GF's uncle is
  4. They're trying to follow much richer countries with far higher vaccination covereage in opening up (e.g. Denmark. where 88% of people over the age of 18 and an astonishing 97% of the over-60's have received both shots). It's premature, many doctors don't even think the UK (with two-thirds of the population fully-vaccinated, compared with just one-third in Thailand)) should be fully reopening yet. Of course, everyone wants life to return to normal and to be able to go out for a beer, and for people working in the foreign tourism sector to get their jobs and livelihoods back, but they're going t
  5. So I decided to go for a pleasant, quiet late Sunday afternoon stroll along Jomtine Beach, as I have done for months. I have only ever seen the area there busier during extended holiday weekends or special events during normal times, it was packed. I don't think it was a holiday weekend or anything special was going on, but vast numbers of people from somewhere had descended on Jomtien Beach Road to while away Sunday afternoon. With crowds like this, who needs foreign tourists? OK, I know, the hotels and restaurants and bars (if they ever reopen) need them, but it was a change to see a breath
  6. Some years ago I was friendly with an English guy who owned a number of successful large Gogo bars in both Pattaya and Bangkok. He told me that he was renting a house off Thappraya Road while in Pattaya for business, and had noticed a young Thai guy snooping around the place a few times. Of course, as a bar owner he pays a large sum of money to the various local law enforcement forces, so he had a word with his number one cop mate who was a sergeant in the Pattaya Soi 9 station. I think he was told something like, “Don’t worry, leave it to me.” Sometime in the next day or two he wa
  7. I had to have one in the 1980's when I went to work in Nigeria, the government there demanded proof of vaccination against typhoid, cholera and yellow fever. I think even today that yellow fever is the main concern if you travel to Latin America or sub-Saharan Africa. https://www.thaitravelclinic.com/Knowledge/who-international-certificate-of-vaccination.html
  8. Weird. The governor of, say, Phuket might find it a bit odd to be preparing for heavy rain that's falling 1,000 km away in Isaan, lol.
  9. Please define "worsen" for us. As restrictions are lifted and people get out and socialise more the daily new case numbers are bound to rise quite significantly. Does that constitute "worsen"? How about the daily death toll attributed to Covid, only 84 deaths reported today, thankfully, but at what point is it regarded as having "worsened"? A woolly statement at best, providing an excuse for the politicians to do pretty much as they please.
  10. It obviously doesn't hurt to have the yellow book, but I'm not sure how important it is now. The digital certificate from the Mor Prom app is a national proof-of-vaccination certificate, in both Thai and English, with your relevant personal details on it plus details of the vaccines. That's everything the UK has asked for, anyway, so along with the paper certificate from the hospital I'd treat the yellow book as a backup to Mor Prom, just in case.
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