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  1. I have an invalid wife on her own 800,000 Baht "Retirement Extension" who no longer is able to process complicated events. Therefore I added a totally trustworthy Thai person as a "Kammasit" (กรรมสิทธิ์) = "Right of Ownership" in which that person and her both sign that last page in her "single owner" 800,000 Baht Bangkok Bank bank book in invisible ink which only shows under black light. That person and others will take care of her should I precede her in death, and when she passes away they can easily use that 800,000 Baht at will. So a Kammasit is much more than a "Beneficia
  2. I stopped in a shopping mall and watched young high school age - college age students in Bangkok eating fixed price "All You Can Eat Pizza 4:30 PM -7:00 PM". They scraped off the topping, ate only that, and had high stacks of crust left over. I don't know if there was a suitable manager there or just the hourly staff. I didn't see that particular special again.
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