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  1. That's what I have been told -- so long as you are armed with the appropriate application form, acceptable photo affixed and six attachments -- and it is not crowded. Some difficulty/delay has apparently been encountered in the past with poor CNX staffing, somewhat confused and/or crowded conditions and/or the need for new photocopies and the lack of 2d floor services to get photocopies at least at some hours. Maybe all that has been rectified. Chiangmai Immigration leadership and processing have certainly improved. The easiest path, really, if feasible, is to get a multiple entry re-entry permit at each annual visa extension time....unless you invest in a ThaiElite visa. Processing normally does indeed take only about 15 minutes including a photo taken.
  2. Back on topic , the answer as of 28 February is reentry visas are still only processed at the Central Festival Office from 09:00 - 11:30 (actually until lunch break at noon). There are two signs which indicate this -- the big one in the "lobby" (11:30) and the other (12:00) at the processing counter inside. No indication of a change in schedule was indicated by the supervisor, who was in his usual good humor. The usual caveat applies to show up early, especially when Chiang Mai is inundated by tourists (particularly those seeking extensions).
  3. Thank you, Bill97. Sometimes previously hours for obtaining re-entry permits have been limited.
  4. What is the current schedule (February-March 2024) for accepting applications on-site for the main immigration office and satellite office at Central Festival?
  5. New Domestic flight requirement for non-Thai passengers Please be informed of the regulation from The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand on January 16th, 2024, all non-Thai passengers flying on domestic flights must provide their boarding pass along with one of the following documents. • Passport issued by the state of the nationality of passport holder (Original) • UN Laissez-Passer (Original) • Travel Document for refugees and People Seeking Asylum issued by the United Nations or by the government of issuing countries (Original) If non-Thai passengers traveling on domestic flights lose or are unable to present their identification documents, they must provide one of the following documents. • Emergency Passport (Original) or Emergency Travel Certificate (Original) • Non-Thai ID Card issued by the Department of Provincial Administration of Thailand (Original) • Driving License issued by the Department of Land Transport of Thailand (Original)
  6. I would appreciate it if the conversation would stick to the topic. Has use of the TM6 for aliens on arrival, which I believe suspended for use in mid-2022, now being required at CNX or at any other airport for aliens arriving on international flights -- but especially CNX. Or has any official announcement or news coverage of resumption of use been noted? Otherwise, I believe that it is correct that Immigration monitoring land or sea arrival may indeed request a report of arrival be completed.
  7. I was told this afternoon that the TM6 Arrival Card for arrivals by air are once again required after there use was discontinued in (I believe) 2022. Can anyone confirm this for CNX or generally for Thailand?
  8. To answer my own question: No appointment was necessary a week ago when I visited (successfully) for a license renewal. Indeed, the dlt web site page appears to be geared dysfunctionally to the previous system of group assignments in the morning and afternoon.
  9. I am up-to-date (21 September)...I think... on requirements except for one question to update a 5-year license. Do you need an appointment beforehand at the DLT office (Hang Dong Road)?
  10. Thank you, that is very useful to know. I will pass it along, but I really am after an MD specialist, usually found in the otolaryngology department of a hospital-- and might have his/her own clinic.
  11. I would appreciate any recommendations for an audiologist MD in Chiang Mai.
  12. Just to confirm: At CNX do ALL pages of the old passport need to be photocopied? If "all," both used and unused pages? "Used" pages. Or just ID page? I mention this because it is common for some posters mention of "passport pages" meaning just the ID pages. I am now at 50 used "Visa" pages and still have a year (actually about 18 months) to go. I note one year because the renewal request needs time to be acted upon. I can see why Immigration would want to see each and every page so they can have "proof" of no restrictions, black marks, etc.
  13. Clearly, your mileage will vary depending upon where you are. My experience was that it worked in a timely (within 5 days) manner. The initial request was rejected, the missing information provided quickly, and an acceptance received almost immediately. Some consular official was listening! However, I have heard differently. Perhaps it is the specific consulate to whom you are farmed out to that makes the difference. I have also heard that a ticket need not be in hand -- just knowledge of the flight arrival information -- but I had a ticket in hand, as I think most people would. The two-stage process COE, in my view, made more sense. I would add that on arrival at BKK that no one -- no one -- checked the iPhone data, only hard copies. So, OP, take those along!
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