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  1. Good articles. Thanx. For chip reading machines, where the fallback position can be to the magnetic strip, yes, fraudsters can program the strip to be successfully read. How it works? When you insert a chipped card in the machine, the machine first reads the strip to see if this is a chipped card. If so, it goes to the chip for further verification. If it can't read the chip (which is the case with fraudsters, since they can't successfully clone a chip), it does one of two things, based on how the owner of the card reading machine has set the software: It says "sorry," can't verify chip data,
  2. Sounds a lot less secure than a chipped debit/atm card, whose chip (so far) cannot be cloned. Not sure I would want an ersatz debit/atm card residing as a bank app on my phone.....
  3. A 34.15 baht atm pull from a Thai atm machine is not possible. Also, you cannot clone a chipped atm/debit card to work in an atm machine. Yes, fraudsters can copy chip info into a cloned magnetic stripped card, which at certain merchant POS machines has a fall-back position to the magnetic strip info, thus bypassing the chip protection. Also, of course, your up-front info can be copied by the waiter (for use on-line, card not present transactions), who took the card to the back room, to include copying your CVV info (just scrape it off the card, and record it somewhere; it's never needed for c
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