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  1. Tend to think they have made most think it will be Pfizer but more likely a Sino something with Pfizer vaccine being allocated to " front line workers" with uniforms.
  2. Then I would think that many who get appointments will be cancelling or not attending.
  3. Tried another email, worked straight away, registered! Do we know what they are looking to pump in to the arms of successful registrants?
  4. Just found out that they were doing walk in vax for foreigners at the Royal Project in Chiang Mai today. No email received from this site unless they are arriving 4 hours after submission?
  5. Just saw on Thai media Vive La France Vive La Nippon Vive any other countries looking after their citizens. British government,hold your head in shame!
  6. Two others websites and a supermarket registration were both failures, maybe 4th time lucky. But not holding my breath.
  7. Three walk in locations today including Royal Project, Promenada and I think Central festival. Thai's only I believe.
  8. I have been trying to get some back! 4 months and still waiting.
  9. At least we don't have the same disaster as Myanmar, locked down with guns pointed at the citizens and covid running rampant. Fortunately it could not happen here, could it?
  10. I don't think that the Phuket model is likely to be copied by other provinces? Something of a rethink required perhaps?
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