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  1. Here's your one day trippers. Border patrol officials have made recent arrests of illegal migrants crossing into Thailand from neighboring countries, with hundreds found coming from Myanmar and Cambodia.
  2. Yes, I'm sure there are thousands and thousands of people just waiting, saying, Honey, lets go to Thailand and visit Chatuchak market. pffff.
  3. I know a Thai lady in San Diego, she has not been vaccinated. The airlines won't let her on a airplane headed to Thailand without a vac. certificate. She thinks it's the American Govt. doing this. I tell her, it's the Thai Govt. No vac. certificate, no entry. Am I correct?
  4. Pretty sure this was also the same temple where that jet setting monk stayed in California before being sent back to Thailand. Evidently this temple loves these bad boy monks.
  5. I'm only guessing about this but someone please tell me. I am in the US. Can you even get on a airplane from the US traveling to Thailand without a vaccine certificate? Thanks in advance.
  6. I found where he's been staying in the U.S. ... Here he is the President of the Board of Directors. Sunnataram California Meditation Monastery 9560 W. Lilac Rd Escondido CA 92026 US Phra Yantra.jfif
  7. I just found this story in the Washington Post printed in the 90's. Phra Yantra. Did he or didn't he father a child in Belgrade, violating his vows of celibacy? Is it true he seduced a Danish harpist and a German disciple, had sex with a Cambodian nun on the deck of a cruise ship and courted female followers in long-distance phone calls? Or is it all a conspiracy by a gang of anti-Buddhist women called the "monk hunters"?
  8. Just guessing here, but probably quite like the jet setting monk, forgot his name, set up a so called "meditation" temple in probably the L.A. area. Los Angeles has the largest concentration of Thai's outside Thailand. He could reap quite a nice living there from the Thai people.
  9. I have you know, the girl I met in 69' said I was a "Handsome Man" and she would love me long time. So there.
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