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  1. The Expat Sports Bar, at the bottom of the small soi opposite Bangla (sign posted Expat Hotel on main road).
  2. It's going to be interesting to see the effect on current numbers arriving in Phuket when quarantine free options start on 1st November, although Phuket does serve as the main arrival point for those whose real destinations are in Phang Nga or Krabi provinces. I think if anything, hotel room occupancy in Phuket will go down, at least in the short term. Presumably Bangkok will be busy, not least for the one night hotel until test result is given. Bottom line though, unless there is a national change in the current restrictions, there remains little incentive to vacation here.
  3. I'm on my second Fortuner, and have been happy with both of them these past 14 years. However, if and when it comes time to change, I will look seriously at the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid. Our vet has one, and I'm very impressed with its quality, and it isn't much smaller than my Fortuner. The very top model comes in at just under 1.2 million baht.
  4. Take your word for it KB, however I prefer the hedonistic sea view and a glass of Shiraz at my elbow, sadly lacking on a bench outside that particular 7/11. The Amazon cafe there does a good coffee though, and Black Crab just up the rode is one of my favourite off licences.
  5. pagallim


    Bottom line, anywhere in Thailand requires the wearing of masks outside of your home in any and all circumstances except when actually eating/drinking at restaurants. People can argue about the merits or not of wearing masks, but here it's a legal requirement and not optional. Don't like it? Don't come.
  6. Difficult to make any cheesecake look appetizing, however, in this case the taste delivered. Re Tan, she opened the burger place in her home when forced to close her Karon restaurant last year. I can only assume she's getting ready to re-open her original place (which was a full blown restaurant, rather than the limited burger menu she could produce at home).
  7. Lack of dining out for quite a few months, so a good time to revisit Rustic and Blue - By The Sea (don't like the name) yesterday. We were quite early for lunch, before 12, which was just as well as by 1 p.m. it was full, which again was good to see. The quality of the food was excellent, and service good given their current lack of staff. We had a couple of starters, Squid and vegetable tempura, and Smoked Mackeral pate on toast with scrambled egg, beetroot and rocket. Mains were pan fried sea bass with roasted vegetables, and pan fried salmon with tagliatelle coated in a pesto sauce
  8. And there it is, the first 1000+ arrival day.
  9. I guess that we've all read comments about what a complete failure the Sandbox has been, and that now international visitors have dried up. Whilst the numbers of arrivals have nowhere near reached those wildly optimistic predictions, the overwhelming majority of those who have made the effort appear to have been happy with their stays. In terms of numbers of daily arrivals, I'll post the daily report, which gives a whole host of information some may find interesting, and will try to post this regularly.
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