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  1. Why are you set on the Moderna when Pfizer is readily available in your area? I would have accepted any vaccine, but in all honesty the thought of Moderna made me a bit nervous as it's so strong.
  2. Maybe they could make you sit facing the wall in the gogo bars too, while you sip your lemonade.
  3. I did get my second dose, but only after being very pro-active. Once again I was missed off the list. To some extent, however I am very grateful to the people at the Surat Thani District Public Health Office for sorting the problem out, despite the utter incompetence of others, which continued right up to the issuance of the vaccination certificate, ie, guess who was left standing around waiting for his to arrive. But it was done, and the manager stood by my side while while it was being done. There seems to have been a not so small minority of people who despite being register
  4. Anybody who is over 40 and doesn't get vaccinated is a bit nutty imo. I mean I don't like the vaccines at all (they're basically somewhat less than completely safe) but I hate the idea of seeing through the pandemic with a naive immune system even more. One thing is sure, when the economy is open again you are going to get infected sooner or later.
  5. It still won't be enough without some form of social distancing, mask wearing, etc. You just have to look at what is rapidly developing in UK, and now other countries in Europe to realize that. Well done, though. Another 20% to go before full reopening is advisable, and then start on booster jabs for older people, and national cases may be kept down to 50k or so, and 250 deaths per day.
  6. 'If there was one available from western countries (an inactivated vaccine, based on the same technology as flu shots), I would take that instead.' I think there are a few on the way from the UK.
  7. Looks like the standard dosing regime for all vaccines is going to 2 plus one 6 months later. Sinovac is good enough. It prevents serious illness and death- maybe not as much as AZ though.
  8. 'These type of symptoms are not atypical. ' After 3 weeks they are very atypical. Maybe you are ill- perhaps just low sodium or something. See a doctor.
  9. Even Pfizer isn't as good as Pfizer these days! If you see what I mean.
  10. It's a good enough vaccine. Sure, if you can get hold of enough Pfizer or whatever, but I don't think that is the case, certainly not from my own personal experience as I'm still waiting for my second jab.
  11. And in Blighty (UK) it's touch and go at 80%, with 95% of old uns double jabbed and a considerable proportion of the unvaccinated with natural immunity. Over 90% are estimated to have antibodies.
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