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  1. Op already did. And based on that I’d say a year or two.
  2. Recommend a long break (when possible) and avoid the news Mike. But nowt wrong with having a whinge about the state of play and that scumbag regime. Doesn’t make one a hater. That’s just butthurt baby boomers miffed that someone would criticise their paradise. I’d be worried if still there as they are increasingly erratic and will change things on a whim—different now than past govs. Would like to return eventually but the place has got itself into a right old mess. Everywhere is not worse!
  3. Amen to that! Waste of time including Thailand on any comparison charts—serious issues with recording/collating of data from an autocratic regime, then there’s your porous borders etc etc. If something looks suspect, it usually is.
  4. And China. Much of Asia is still sadly not free; going backwards even. GET THEM OUT!!!
  5. Don’t those probes read internal temp only? Ran to the pub a while back sweating like a pig, skin temp clearly high, internal temp normal. ‘Carry on, sir’. But In this day and given the current tenuous climate, what ever are you doing mincing about in F banks for such a menial/trivial task? I wonder how some of you fellas found the airport.
  6. Disagree. FF headed by Thanathorn would have done wonders for the place. First time the country would have had a decent human being with a head for business and bilingual running the show. At first, anything, ANYTHING, is better than what we have now—you cannot have a military presiding over a state. They do not have the acumen, empathy or brain power for such a task. But Nattawut would essentially be more of the same pre-coup. No brains, all about money.
  7. Ah, but they test and know their figures. Do you? Better off asking the cat what’s going on in Thailand. But what an hour idiotic thing to even say for a country ‘leader’. Can you imagine someone as dense making it to high office without a gun?
  8. Gawd! Are you genuinely asking? I find those eager-to-believe the ‘facts’ put out by an autocratic regime while avoiding logic as numptified as the antivaxxer and scamdemic crowds. Regardless of that and how Thais naturally would perceive things more favourable than reality, it was always in Thailand—logic dictates that when your doors are open to the initial spread. Just because numbers reported now are higher doesn’t make any difference. The numbers are as suspect now as they have always been. As an aside, does testing a 10th to 20th the capacity of another country with subsequent figures a
  9. The gov should investigate itself then because it’s been spreading bs since day one!
  10. Shrewd way to discourage testing and help keep numbers artificially low—threaten to hospitalise/imprison all.
  11. Did it? As with now you wouldn’t know because testing is so inadequate. The recent wave kicked off way before sandbox and is more likely the result of returning Thais or migrants crossing borders.
  12. The problem is, it doesn’t matter whom would clean up the mess, the current corrupt autocratic robbers in office will not allow it. They already stymied Thailand’s best chance of moving on in Thanathorn. Thaksin is no angel but would have him over any military setup, or do you prefer the status quo — not the band.
  13. It’d be a start but can’t see it. They all need to go.
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