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  1. Is it just because money was changing hands the authorities became involved as in the ’villages’ it is quite normal for 12 years old and up to be having sexual relationships....
  2. Another day and another pointless statement...nothing EVER gets done here unless it benefits the hi-so,s.....
  3. Do not hold your breath on this....PCR test and a night in a designated Hotel is a cash cow they will not discard easily...but with a curfew in place and no evening entertainment with alcohol on the near horizon folk will not be rushing to book flights.....and let us not forget at the slightest whim the authorities here can change the restrictions as they see fit......not worth the risk,try late January and things maybe more clearer.
  4. Read back a few posts and it will explain itself.....and there would have been no reason for you to reply...nothing to do with you...don,t get yer knickers in a twist LOL
  5. Whatever floats yer boat old chap...better off keeping it to yerself though than shouting about it on the tinternet...
  6. August 24 has been and gone.......until 2022.
  7. I used them a couple of months back....never again.....diagnosed a faulty SSD (Samsung Evo) and put a replacement in.....couple of days later I was getting the same issues with it and took it back again they could not find the problem.....in the meantime I had returned my old SSD as it was only 2 years into a 5 year warranty and this was returned as being faultless....it,s in this replacement PC as we speak......I took my old laptop to Pattaya 2U and after checking it over they diagnosed a motherboard problem and quoted 3500 to repair it...fair enough except they were only guaranteeing the re
  8. Just bought a refurbed pc....very happy with it no issues except for the fact that it says my Windows 10 pro licence is "activated using your organisations activation service" what exactly does this mean and am I likely to encounter problems in the future.....thanks for any help.
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