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  1. I insist on a towel placed over my head when having a full body massage.........πŸ˜†
  2. Wrong....the daily traffic fine handed outside the station is visible proof....wonder how much they have collected over these years.....frightening but not to worry I,m sure it`s all gone to worthy causes
  3. They had this ten years ago before the numpties in City Hall decided to have them cut down.....
  4. Sorry but you don`t have a kind face.......you would frighten these puppies to death
  5. If you read the article again it states she was in the drivers seat..he was beside her in the passengers seat
  6. Medical cards went out years ago......UK address yes.....I,m registered with my GP with no current problems
  7. And how exactly will they know if you are an expat or not.....
  8. Don`t get your knickers in a twist sweetie....at your age you should calm down more...
  9. Simply that of enquiring if any BM,s here had experienced similar price differentials between items available to both Thai and foreigners on either Shopee or Lazada. I had picked out the item on Shopee as it was cheaper than Lazada at that time,from the same Toshiba Official Store and out of courtesy I asked my TGF to take a look as she was on her phone at the time at the item to get her approval upon the machine....it was then that we discovered the price to her was cheaper by 300 baht in total....just by pure chance....but in future any major item that is needed I will get her to check the price beforehand
  10. Exactly what was done....I,m paying of course πŸ˜†
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