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  1. OK, here is the safe side. The hospital(s) vaccinate whatever they have on stock/advertise and upon completion of the vaccination, they will issue an A5 sized "Thailand National Certificate of Covid-19 Vaccination". This is a local, domestic paper, same as Moh Prom (which in most cases does not work). Heading for Europe, you want an "International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis" as issued by the World Health Organization (WHO). The "local" slimmed-down version is issued by the Ministry of Public Health in Thailand against presentation of your passport, Thailand National Certi
  2. The government allows companies to buy and import diesel from various sources. Upon import, a tax is being levied which is, depending on country to country, as much as the initial purchase price. The "support" is NOT financed by the country's oil fund or a loan - despite a different statement by yet another Deputy Prime Minister. They just capped the tax rate, so they prove once more again the old saying, that the government has nothing. What they "give" you is taken away from someone else - simple as that! If you look at the purchase power of the average Thai, 30 Baht is a ridiculousl
  3. So the Burmese/Myanmarese, Laotians and Cambodians are lesser Buddhists - it seems - as they have no such alcohol ban. Only Thailand, where it serves purely to execute power over the underlings ........
  4. Well, rule number one actually reads: One night quarantine, which we call "waiting for the PCR-results" in an overpriced hotel, where you will be served outpriced crappy cold food in plastic containers - at your expense! So we will see, when those one million foreigners, sinking 75,000 Baht each, will arrive to witness the little New Year's Eve bash so kindly organized by the Tourism Authority of Thailand at the steal (pun intended) price of only 200 million Baht!
  5. Well, Welcome to Thailand then. You will see, that Bangkok, Udon Thani and Chiang Mai could be in three different countries if not continents and after having gotten off an airplane (domestic flight), where you were cramped with fellow passengers, the megaphones shout all the rules of that particular airport you've just landed - which are different from place to place. Wondering how many rules and regulations will be introduced against/for the dirty farang - in addition, that is! Graphic ©Thai Smile from an email sent to all passengers
  6. North Korean mathematics again; not at 9.30pm or 9.45pm but ......... "As of 10pm on Oct 18, 8,132,826 people received their first COVID-19 vaccine jab, forming 105.63% of the Bangkok population". 1) fantastic time keeping with a stop watch at 10pm sharp 2) wondering who did the head count 3) the 105.63% - call Kim Jong-un Of course this is another round of blowing their own HUGE trumpet. Bangkok would not function with at least 50% of all those inhabitants registered in Northeastern or Northern Thailand. But yeah, the TM30 and the 90-days-show-your-face-to-the-uniformed-clowns-
  7. Unclear remain: - 120kph? Wondering how many Somchais are smashing up the cars in the dire attempt to break yet another speed records - 120kph? When speed restrictions change from 120 - 30 via 60 to 40 and back to 90 over 400 metres - what happens to all those hundreds of thousands of Mpass and Easypass Tag holders and the remaining credit on their tags? The Chidchobs, both father and his sons always good for a little surprise
  8. Tell the kiddo to keep the good news coming - it will drive more tourists away - again. Get your act in order, either vaccinated people can enter without any ifs, whens, and whys - or let anybody get driven to an overpriced quarantine hotel by Somchai dressed in transparent garbage bags, mask and face shield to enjoy expensive, crappy cold food out of plastic containers. Just returned from Bangkok by air to Udon Thani; the arrival "procedure" in Udon was worse than what I went through a yellow fever outbreak some 30 years ago in beautiful Africa. Needless to say that the arrival procedu
  9. BMW smart car - well, good on the Bavarians for this sterling contribution to keep the world in general and Thailand in particular ......... safe! Those overstayers are a definite threat to national security and hence must be eradicated by all means with the full force of whatever resources and, good luck, smart cars tell the drivers and all those officers in the wake of the car, when, where, what, who and how to do! Brilliant job - keep up the good work
  10. They must be wrong. TAT inked a 200 million Thai Baht deal for a New Year's Eve performance of an Italian opera singer and a Thai teeny jumping up and down for some Korean viewers. According to the TAT, this will generate 75 billion Thai Baht as one million foreigners (1,000,000) will be attending the function with an average spending of 75,000 Thai Baht per foreigner. Unclear is, where they want to accomodate one million rich tourists from faraway lands - or - what kind of weed they've been smoking again to come up with such timid humble numbers .......
  11. Blowing their own trumpet not realizing, that it is not their trumpet. Rarely read more rubbish, just look into any government hospital upcountry and there you see the "system" - a disgrace to humanity for the 21st century. But, as long as doctors here are blessed with a semi-divine status combined with a huge face .......... I could share most interesting stories of wrong diagnosis, not only inflated but over-inflated bills and childish behaviour when having asked doctors, what exactly was wrong with me! But lets be happy to be in such a fairy tale country, also without corruption, pr
  12. Well, comes from the reliable professionalism of an actor not being a stranger to the bottle - keep up the good work and the chief clown seems to like it!
  13. Lisa’s appearance attracts a million foreign tourists into Thailand and each of them spends an average of 75,000 baht into 75 billion baht in foreign exchange,” said Association of Thai Travel Agents (ATTA) Secretary-General Adit Chairattananont. Now Íve read it all and you can switch off the internet for good! Just start building a stadium big enough to accomodate the one million foreign visitors from far away lands queueing now already at the borders of the Kingdom for the occasion!
  14. Buckwheat molds exactly the the position and shape of your head. Expensive but worth every Baht!
  15. Another clown having his 5 minutes of fame. Higher end tourists demand a higher end product like English spoken (taxi etc.), easy entry regulations, no double standards and a clean trafficless environment. So better stay with katoeys, hookers, beers etc.; after all all those nighttime workers cannot or do not want to do anything else. Keep cabbies isaanspoken with rigged metres and „hello sexy man“!
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