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  1. Get it from the horse's mouth, i.e. immigration head office in Bangkok. To the best of my limited knowledge (I am a PR for 30+ years) you can apply for PR (permanent residency) after three continuous years in Thailand based on either marriage and supporting minors (kids), earning taxable income or a major investment of 10 (?) million Baht. Another five years, after being granted PR, you may apply for citizenship. In the past a non-Thai woman married to a Thai man could jump directly, i.e. without the PR sideline - not so for a foreign husband to a Thai wife. I never went for a Tha
  2. Well, here's the news. The prime minister and the governor of Udon will DISCUSS Udon's development plan in regards to logistics and transport systems linking Thailand to China. I hope the boys are aware of the fact, that the Chinese inked a commitment in 2016 to put the first ever train link between Boten (China/Lao border) and Vientiane onto the Lao map from the very scratch across 400+ kilometres with countless tunnels and bridges within five years. Not only will this high speed train open as scheduled tomorrow, 2 December 2021 but all the tests runs over the last few months have been co
  3. Well, it took 'em 15 years to figure that one out. A restaurateur is where between 11am-2pm and after 5pm-midnight? Shops with VAT bills sell only during these times. Distributors dont deliver below a minimum amount of, say, 8 - 10 cases of beer. Wholesale operators (i.e. Makro) dont deliver alcohol either. Result is, that the restaurateur is using the Mom & Pop shop to deliver, without VAT receipt, the restaurateur cooks the books as he - officially - never bought the booze. The rest is history, over this time span billions of Thai Baht were "lost" in transition. Stupidity i
  4. Well, the ignition comes from home and is called education. The ministry of education's job is to provide material and facilities, train, test and hire teachers, set standards and goals. Latter then has to find active resonance at home again. Education happens at home while knowledge is provided by the school. In addition to all this, the biggest problem is that the Thai education system is pretty much a carbon copy of the US counterpart. They hammer stuff into the kids heads on a learning-by-heart basis. The Europeans though work on providing the understanding of common sense and where to
  5. Well, what do you expect from 15 years of schooling - 6 years primary, 6 years secondary and 3 years university? To the clownery of education ministry, the clown-in-chief of the government = a tip to the hat for a job well done; you all deserve a silver medal. Keep up the good work and nosedive your country onto the least proficient country; only another 12 countries to beat and, after overtaking 99 I would assume that the remaining 12 are a walk in the park. Then you'll get solid gold medals - all of you politicians and crooks! This failed state is a doomed country and sadly enoug
  6. The thick brown manilla envelope arrived - praise the Lord!
  7. Aha, the sweetheart of public health did NOT want to stay in a quarantine hotel and threw a tantrum instead! The shoulder-rubbing with the Swiss ambassador, PR-hungry whenever she can, seemed to have borne fruit and she must have kissed the Swiss FM's whatever-side to let her trusted old friend to attend a conference, where - despite his hatred for caucasians and alcohol - he will be able to indulge in nice wines at affordable prices served by caucasian hospitality staff. Good luck and bon voyage .........
  8. Well, well, what do you know ...... Tell Taweesin and the clown-in-chief Prayuth that, before handing out little New Year's gifts they might want to get that Morh Prom up and running. Neither my Thai wife nor me (PR) could even get an OTP and the vaccination-administering hospitals failed as well. The provincial office of public health could not be asred either and told me to just forget it. So, in all fairness, what are these illiterate ignorants talking about New Year's gifts - which, by the way, are paid by the same tax payers like the failed Moh Prom carp!
  9. Well, if the experts of Thailand and the experts of Laos .......... Lets not go there; without any particularly strong reason just wait for February or March 2022 and then we will see ..........
  10. He was, is and most likely will stay a controversial pr1ck among the clownery in Bangkok. "(The) minister took direct aim at nightclubs, pubs, bars and karaoke for damaging the country." Well, guess what, 77 provinces with 77 different governing goons running their little countries at will. One country has no restrictions, others sell alcohol, some others require a vaccination upon entering while others could not care. The link between alcohol and any corona virus needs to be established. Unclear remains, why we all get vaccinated in a horrendous run-for-our-life just to find out, t
  11. Wondering with what kind of dodgy passport the little sunshine is travelling around. By all accounts and his ongoing travelling all over the world his passport is either already expired or certainly filled with stamps and visas. Asking for a friend
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