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  1. It was in Huay Yai.....the Esaan of Chonburi province!!
  2. If you have never been you may be shocked on arrival, not great!
  3. Difficult to see when you enter the tunnel, your eyes take a second to adjust from the blazing sunshine to almost darkness, not good if there is a motorbike just beyond the shadows, safer for them not to be allowed in the tunnels.
  4. I read an article before and that is exactly what was mentioned, cheap Chinese goods coming in through Lazada and Shopee, quite a sizeable amount apparently!
  5. This would be the way to do it yes, police box at each end every day, along with the accompanying printed warning signs, two man patrols walking back and forth (not exactly a long soi), same as they have in Bangkok.
  6. How is it unclear when he already admitted he had fallen asleep??
  7. Wrong video, there is a full 5 minute length video which starts in the bar and ends with the kick in the head, but not allowed to post it here.
  8. Nobody in ICU, nobody dead, the three of them walked away from the melee under their own steam!
  9. This would have been the news yesterday for todays edition of the Sun, the Thai police said differently here today.
  10. Allegedly, nope, clear as day in the video footage, nothing alleged about it!
  11. Why does everyone keep using the terms, "Security guards" "Bouncers", they are neither, they are just hired thugs with zero training on how to be bouncers, just pack rats!
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