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  1. If your sons become ladyboys they don't have to serve. Something to consider? I wonder what the military would require as proof.
  2. Gee, do you think the General foresees himself making kajillions in real estate sales to foreigners?
  3. Yes, of course. I forgot myself. Sometimes I fancy old dead things. 555
  4. China is worse than Burma???? hard to believe. I guess the government is not as tech savvy. But the will is there. 555
  5. You mean like when the government cracked down on pot and Thais turned to Ice? The good news (?) is the government is talking about lowering the duties on imported alcohol. Except, of course, you can't buy it.
  6. If you want to give us something you have to jump through the hoops we designate, which may or may not change at our whim. We are not some third world country that can you can just willy-nilly give things. We have big face. As Monty Python once said "We spit in your general direction". Oh my!
  7. If a person is accused of a crime, and the accusation is made public, and they prove they didn't commit the crime, is that defamation?
  8. Does Thailand really think it can compete on manufactured products? Maybe food, since china needs more.
  9. I always thought walking through the gauntlet of ladyboys along the beach was an adventurous "ride". What would be the family equivalent? 555
  10. But where does it stand as far as the percentage of the people that have been vaxed? That's what counts.
  11. Who makes this stuff up? Maybe a minimum wage bureaucrat who wants to please?
  12. First, the government has to mandate there will be bar girls. Many hot ones (according to my preferences). 555 Remember that Pattaya is being changed to a family destination. What the attraction to families will be is to be unveiled at the proper time. In other words, it hasn't been thought of yet. 555
  13. Is the government going to give us free ID and credit monitoring? Has the government officially apologized? Hmmm They love and want tourists and take good care of them.
  14. What do propose for girls who need to make a lot of money to support their families? Little education. As in America some girls/women don't want to work for a pittance in a boring job. The girls need options so they can choose. Not me, not you.
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