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  1. I am relating a personal experience. And you don't believe it. That's fine with me. You asked me to prove my personal experience. So you believe everything you read on Google. I prefer personal experience of someone I trust. Google can help.
  2. I agree with you. I have encountered girls who have degrees in hospitality who need to make more than the pittance they were paid. Thai government pays for education to the 8th grade? Not sure. If fact some of the girls work to put their brothers through uni in the hope they will be taken care of later. When you are in the lower rungs of society it is about survival.
  3. I'm the type that just wants to give the girls money to take care of their parents and brothers and sick buffalo. Is that so wrong? : )
  4. My experience was opposite. I found a 19 year old newbie dancing nude. Wanted to take her dancing but she was underage. 555 Another time a newbie spent the night because she didn't know that was supposed to be more.
  5. No, just personal experience. My iPhone stopped working about 8 months after I bought it. One of the first things the rep did was check on my charging history. They can easily see it. I really don't care if you believe me or not. Just relating my personal experience. Don't feel obligated to provide you proof. Would you have proof regarding what an Apple rep told you over the phone? You sound a bit looney but that's only MHO.
  6. So my question is: Did the Japanese start the girlie stuff or the American GIs {like the Chuwat (?) is saying}?
  7. Japan has the soapy massage as well. Did that come from Thailand? Or did it get to Thailand from japan? Weren't the Japanese in Thailand before the GIs? Wondering. Japan has always been a male dominated society. Still is.
  8. Don't let it keep charging after it reaches 100%. Apple will see it and will bring it up if you have problems with it.
  9. I just read in the LA Times it had its debut. And jumped in value and was expected to jump a lot more. And more ETFs are coming soon. It was one of those launches were they use a shell company. Sorry, I didn't pay attention to where its listed. I guess Google it. I think the story also talked about a pot ETF. Maybe it was in the works. Memory is bad because I wasn't interested. You could check out the LA Times website.
  10. I remember the Thai government always saying tourism was not that important and only accounted for about 10% of the economy. Anyone with eyes knew better. I guess they didn't want to be seen as being dependent on the foreign devils.
  11. Isn't Cabbages and Condoms on Soi 12? Surely a Santa made out of condoms makes it a redlight district. 555
  12. Do you pay for online transactions another way? or don't do any online transactions? Curious. How do you pay for flights?
  13. You knew she was a thief but you let her use (gave her) the bike? Ahem. No comment.
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