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  1. typical. one time I did get an SMS was when on the new device, I chose "sign up" instead of login, otherwise, this process seems broken badly IMO
  2. well can not get the LINE sms using DTAC Call over wifi, so guess I'll have to wait till I'm back in los, cause really don't want to re register the number to the US number (which I'm soon to lose control over ) hmm but guess i can try "call me instead" depending on what the dtac call over wifi might charge for an incoming call this also doesn't work, for some reason, already tried putting the dtac sim in the new phone, didnt help receive the dtac sms via roaming tmobile ; unless dtac call over wifi doesn't like vpns , out of ideas again
  3. i can give it a look, but again, using a US SIM is not going to allow me to transfer an account register to the DTAC phone number
  4. seems your confused , on the new device with the dtac sim card in it, roaming on, logging into line it asks for a phone number or facebook entering the phone thai dtac , it says it will send an sms for a verification code, however no code ever arrives, which is what I thought I wrote above https://help.line.me/line/android/?contentId=20005077
  5. Hello, I am able to receive Bangkok Bank SMS and DTAC , but when I try to transfer my old phone line to new phone/device via the existing DTAC Thai phone number, I receive no SMS I'm wondering if maybe Line SMS is not the same as Bangkok Banks ? (I don't have the Line linked to a fb acct, and won't) if So, is there any way to get the original Line App account transfered to my new phone, other than being in Thailand to get a Line SMS? for now I'm using Line lite on the new phone which generally works however I'd prefer to get the mainline Line app a
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