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  1. Antibodies are only relevant while you are fighting a disease. When the disease is no longer present the antibodies naturally go away. Your body has mechanisms (such as T-cells) that remember previous infections and also remember how to generate new antibodies if you are exposed again. There is no way currently that I know of to measure the T-cells, etc. So the bottom line is antibody counts are irrelevant.
  2. I guess the real question is who is building an underground bunker to keep all this extra food in...
  3. It should clearly be appropriate for all citizens wanting to return to their country to do so. Restrictions, such as quarantine, multiple tests before and after returning, etc., are also clearly appropriate. If you are calling quarantine imprisonment, that is clearly incorrect. BTW, states/cities in the US are now starting to require vaccinations for employees, with refusal resulting in termination. Expect this to extend to travelling where vaccinations will be required to get on a bus or plane. Coming soon to your country, get used to it.
  4. You really shouldn't provide a link to an "Opinion" piece as if it is scientific fact. Clearly you are neither up or on top.
  5. Everything you say here WAS correct before the delta variant became prevalent. The delta variant is significantly more communicable than the earlier variants. https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2021/07/08/1013794996/why-the-delta-variant-is-so-contagious-a-new-study-sheds-light Do try and keep up.
  6. Yeah, and in the 2004 tsunami they were burning bodies, allegedly including foreigners, without keeping records...
  7. Evolution in action. Another Darwin Award, Covid Edition, winner.
  8. That's looking at it all wrong. In the US, with around 50% fully vaccinated, about 99% of those in the ICU are not fully vaccinated. The pandemic there is now a pandemic only for the unvaccinated. So go for the Darwin award, covid edition, and don't get vaccinated. If you're too stupid to get vaccinated, you likely shouldn't procreate anyway.
  9. The border is to open for fully vaccinated Americans to enter Canada. The border going the other way is not the same. Vaccinated Canadians are not allowed into the US.
  10. It happens all the time. Get in the queue in Canada for some surgery with a multi-year waiting list. If you have money, hop the border to the USA and get it done this week.
  11. 1.5 million pfizer doses donated. Lets see, at just 1,000 baht each, that would be 1.5 billion baht. No wonder they aren't mentioning the pfizer vaccine...
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