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  1. Why did we need to know what clothes he was wearing and how many bags of sticky rice were in the Pick-Up ? Is this the kind of information the country's finest think is releveant to a cold blooded Murder investigation ? The mind boggles !
  2. Planet Thailand doesn't care about or wish to know anything that happens on other Planets. This whole country is ruled by a few very rich families who intend to be even richer as they constanly rob their own people; the majority of whom are a lot poorer than they are but they care not one iota !
  3. The usual 'Land of Denial' statement that appears automatic when problems may be around. Probably already here but not detected yet.
  4. He'd better start by arresting his own Men who are drinking in the Illegal Bars around our way; better send a big trauck as well as there are plenty of them !
  5. Should be banned from re-entering this country after taking what will be just another holiday at Tax Payers expense. What useful input will he provide to the 'Meeting' of all these Twerps leaving huge environmental 'Footprints' to achieve next to nothing for The Planet ?
  6. A 'Gift' Bought with Tax Payers money....if there was a contest for Charmless Nerk of the year he would win it hands down !
  7. Many Moons ago i had a Thai Girlfriend that came to my place for Home Made Lunch and when coming to the table she asked where the salt pot was. I told her i don't use salt and i don't keep any in the house and she said.... 'I don't eat food without salt', so i said... 'Well; you will have to eat somewhere else then !' End of conversation and she ate the food but i didn't invite her again.
  8. Leads that will end up at the doors of a few lowly Scroats involved on the fringes and not at the doors of the Hi So's who are the Masterminds of the operation !
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