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  1. Best advice to anyone outside the country is stay where you are or choose a destination that has crystal clear rules already set in stone. For those just wanting a relaxing holiday Thailand is not the place to choose !
  2. According to the International Press more than 40,000 accounts have been plundered in Thailand and it stinks of an inside job in one of the Banks or Card Center's. Pal of mine had four amounts stolen from his account on 4th october; went to Bank, usual procedure of blank faces, several staff involved including Manager, Phone calls to Bangkok etc etc. Bank said 'we will investigate' and meanwhile you should file a Police Report which was done on the same day and since then not a word from anyone, let alone a refund ! Every time i go in a Thai Bank i am amazed how long
  3. You will probably think this is a moot point but what Immigration like to see or not see in your account is none of their business; their only concern should be that the required funds for your next Extension are in place in the required time frame and apart from that they should keep their noses out. Three times in 15 years i have been asked and once 'told' i should use at least some of the money and my question is always 'Why ?' Naturally they have no proper answer !
  4. The first place they look is in the Rural area's but they rely on Local's to give them the word on Farang's living in Villages etc as it would be almost impossible for them to find anyone without help; despite all the 'High Tech' equipment they drone on about.
  5. Obviously didn't have the funds to buy himself out. I had a Dutch friend who went three years overstay; cost him 60,000 Baht including new Extension and nod nod, wink wink, say no more !
  6. No; i Mean Cow Market on 108 South of Sanpatong.
  7. Remember the days when you walked into a Pub early in the evening and the Barmaid looked as Ugly as Sin; but after Ten Pints she looked like Miss World ? That's how i feel about Thai Beer; when i first came here i thought all Thai Beers were as bad as Khlong Water; but after a few months of drinking it it seemed to 'Improve'. However; my first choice these days is Beer Lao.
  8. It's been 45 days now for ten years or more.....Nationwide !
  9. Second Hand Tool Stall at Cow Market, Sanpatong every Saturday.
  10. Errrr; in Europe the bloody floor is too cold to sit on for a large part of the year !
  11. They eat a lot of their food stone cold anyway; never heat a plate up !
  12. Three day closure started Thursday owing to a few confirmed cases of Covid there. It's all around us and several Village Markets in the area sre closed too.
  13. No doubt these knockers are the same Charmless Nerks that complain about two people having a Cuddle or Holding Hands walking down the road !
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