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'Queen of the Night' in Chiang Mai ?


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So happens the OED daily word-of-the-day is 'Queen of the Night,' and, one of the references is to a night-blooming Mexican native family of orchid cacti, Epiphyllum oxypetalum.


If you've ever lived in India, and went walking late at night, you may have been transported into olfactory orgasm by the exquisite scent of the night-blooming raat-ki-rani jasmine flower.


There are night-fragrance-emitting trees or flowers here; several trees that remind me of southern (US) magnolias in terms of scent are near my house, but, I think the source of what I smell late at night might be a flower.


Anyone know the name of a local sweet smelling night-bloomer ?


thanks, ~0:37;



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Dawg rati is what the OP calls raat ki rani. Incidentally, rati means night, which I believe is what raat means.

It is not very common here in Thailand but I do run into it occasionally.

Although known as night jasmine, it is not a true jasmine. 

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